Serious feedback on my new acquisition webstore.


I just acquired Legging Society UK based company, now located in New York/ from the official Exchangemarketplace and would like feedback on my store and what I can improve on to increase conversions. So far I have 12 buyers, however I want to know how to increase buyers and what will I need to change or add into my website.


Again, thank you

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Hi @Octavia,

I'm Richard- CRO expert at PageFly. First of all, congratulations on your store, you got the very first sales. To increase more conversions, I would love to give some feedback on your store as follow:

1. Page Speed



I experienced a low loading page when visiting your store. Consider optimizing the third-party code because it's the main cause.

2. Product details



In this section, you should display enough information so that the description's not being cut off. This is the Homepage so keep it short.


This section can be removed because on the Homepage, you should show only 1 product and save the rest for other content.



You should add more content into the Product description to let customers know about the Shipping and return policy. Customers do care about their rights.


3. Featured collections


Just for better design and product info, you should include the price here.




Also, these sections are duplicates, it does not need to have 2 featured collections on the Homepage.


And that's my feedback, if you find it helpful, please LIKE and mark my answer as SOLUTION.

Thanks so much ^^

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Thank You for the kind response and feedback.