Setting Quantity for Variants

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I was wondering if anyone could help.

I am trying to set up a product that is sold as a set. They can choose 1 of the 7 different options of lanyards and 1 of the 4 different options of key chains.  When I add a variant I can only set quantity for the lanyards but not the key chains. I have limited amount of key chains and lanyards and would like to see how I can set it up to count both. That way I do not oversell on 1 product that I do not have. I tried setting up the key chain as there own product and then lanyards and the variant but would still have the same problem since it does not count the amount of lanyards all together for each product. Is it possible to do this on shopify or do I have to manually keep count?  I tried looking for a solution but could not find one. Thank you

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Hi @adrianatx

Do you try to use a bundle? I think it can solve the problem for you. 

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