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Hello everyone, I just set up my first store today. I have laid out the basic foundation but still have questions as how to attract customers through SEO, or partnering with suppliers, and also adding in apps to set up news letters and such. I would appreciate any feedback.


At I want to focus on delivering value and quality with boutique boho inspired fashion apparel for women. I have had experiences in the past with orders from China being such poor quality and not as described at all. There is no point in me even trying to follow through with this idea if that is what my customers would be receiving. I want them to know I have great product and am reliable and top of the line product. I don't know who to trust. While looking around online I saw products my Fiancé had ordered in the past and what she got from them was consistent and well made. 


If anyone wants to talk I would be very happy. Thank you.

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Hi there!
I have some feedback.
- On the homepage shorten the header to "Free Shipping Over $100"
- I use a mailing pop up from Privy & you can put all the information on saving 25% in that pop up instead of the header.
- I like the main image but the wording under is hard to read & too long for someone just coming on to your site. I would recommend deleting the "keeping your twilight's gleaming" & leave the rest.
-Shorten the main image if possible to fit in above the fold so that another section can be seen.
-Shop collections is fine
- New arrivals is fine
- For the side menu I would delete catalog and include the collections that were shown on the home page
- I noticed that in Valentine's Day collection you have things that don't apply to clothing so I would delete those
- Overall for products I would change the names to something creative and not right from the dropshipping website
- Same for the product descriptions, include the stats they give you but make it your own
- Include a safe check out badge under the add to cart button
- Edit the images so the manufacturers name isn't included
I hope this helps and gives some sort of guidance.
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Hi @eqnoxdropshop,


Nick here from Shopify. 


I really like what you've done with your store so far. It looks clean and slick. I did see a few things which you could add in to take it from good to great. Let's take a look at them below:


  • I really like the name of your store, but other than a name and knowing that you sell clothing, there's not much else to get me invested or convince me to take any further action. I would suggest adding an About Us/ Our Story page to tell people why American Chic Apparel is here and why it started. Were you always passionate about clothes, is there a specific story which made you decide to go all in on it? People love stories and the more they know about you and the "why" behind the brand the more emotionally invested they will get and thus be encouraged to convert into a customer. I've found when I visit an online store I always go to the About Us page to read the story of the store which depending on the situation makes me then follow the brand on their social media to see more and eventually buy something, but it's something I love to do as well as a lot of other people. Shopify's partner Oberlo made a great YouTube video about how to make the perfect About Us page which you can see below as well as the content team at Shopify writing a blog post on the untapped potential of About Us pages here
  • Some other pages which I noticed you didn't have was a Contact page as well as a Privacy page and a Shipping Page. I would suggest adding all three of these. I would add a contact page to make it as simple as possible for store visitors to reach you should they need to for any reason. It also builds trust with potential customers if you are easily contactable. Shopify has a great helpful guide for how to add a Contact Us page here. A privacy page is getting more and more important to add now especially with things like GDPR becoming more prevalent. Shopify has a guide for how to add a Privacy Page here as well as a Privacy Page generator here. Last but not least here, a Shipping page is not always necessary but again, it goes back to building trust and always letting your customers aware of any shipping information which could be important. For example, over a holiday period, if the shipping will be delayed for any reason, this is a great place to update and tell your customers about it. The Oberlo team wrote a great blog post with some examples of great shipping pages which you might get some inspiration from here
  • Something else to think about is creating a brand logo which you could then also use as a favicon for your browser tab but also as a profile picture for any social media platforms you are on as American Chic Apparel. Shopify has a logo generator where you can play around and maybe find something you like here but it could also be worth reaching out to a designer about this also. The content team wrote a blog post with 5 online logo makers you can look through here
  • You touched on SEO in your original post too. There are a couple of ways you can approach SEO. The first one I thought which would suit your brand is a blog. There is so much to talk about in the fashion world and every blog post adds to your SEO. It will take work, but as well as adding to your SEO, it is also another part of the online experience for your store visitors. Something else I thought of was an SEO app and there are several SEO apps in the Shopify app store to apply. One app I particularly like is SEO Manager, but it does have a cost involved with it (well worth it in my opinion), but there are some free SEO apps also, one I like is called SEO Doctor. Something I have found is hugely important with SEO is keywords, and by learning about/ applying keywords is one of the keys (no pun intended) to having great SEO.

That is a lot of information, but I hope it helps and gives you some direction on what to do next. I think you're in a great place and with a little bit more you can be very successful. Before I go, there is something I would recommend. There is a TV show on Netflix called "Girl Boss" based on the story of how Nasty Gal was started. I watched the show and it was hugely inspirational to me with regards to setting up my own store and I don't focus it on women's clothes in any way, plus it is a fun watch. 


Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to shout. 


All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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