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Hi Guys,

I’m Jake, and I’m the Founder of NOOYOU. We create bespoke Nootropic blends that have been clinically proven to increase aspects of cognition such as focus, energy, memory & mood / stress levels.


My journey into this began over 18 months ago when I partnered with some Neuroscientists following my own health scare (for the full story visit: ), and after a hell of a lot of product testing, refining & getting the correct certifications for supplement distribution, I have just ‘soft’ launched the website!

Obviously I’m super excited to see something a year & ½ in the making finally take shape, but keen to get some feedback on the site before we start rolling it out with ads / influencers and PR teams! Being well aware of ‘Founder bias’, I’m interested in ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you guys have to say about it & welcome the feedback with an open mind!

Not sure what the general ‘rules’ are around this, but were currently offering 25% off pre-launch orders aswell to make your time worthwhile, thanks so much in advance!




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Popups way too early. I hadn't even finished reading the first line and was already being prompted to subscribe.