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Hello, can you please give me some feedback on my store and areas I can improve on?

There is one thing I am unsure of also. A drop shipping app I use, allows me to change the vendor name which I have done, and I am aware that a vendor is someone selling goods. I am considered to be the vendor for everything on my site. Is the vendor supposed to be the same name as the original company, or is it up to the owner of the site?








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Hey, @Sammy64 I would be happy to offer up some feedback on your store.

Here are a few suggestions that I have for you on how you can improve the overall look of your store. When it comes to selling online, you want to think long and hard about what type of audience you want to attract (age, gender, interests, needs, etc). From there, you can lay down the groundwork to creating a reputable and attractive brand to your ideal audience. 

If you are unsure what exactly the definition of a brand is or how you can build a brand from scratch, this article is a must. It is going to teach you how to build your own brand in 7 actionable steps. Setting aside an afternoon or evening to jot down some high-level details on this subject will go a long way. It will help you create a blueprint that will ultimately drive all your future business decisions.

Once you feel like you have clearly defined your brand goals - I recommend checking out this article called "What is a Buyer Persona". This will allow you to portray your brand in a way that resonates with your ideal audience. This will entice them to buy from your business. It's another exercise that if you just take a few hours out of your time to commit to, it's going to be extremely helpful.

Once that gets taken care of, you can begin analyzing your website's functionality, design, and discoverability (SEO, advertising, etc) to make the experience better for your visitors. You can take what you've learned in the previous 2 exercises to help drive these decisions. I recommend checking out our Shopify design articles to get inspiration and ideas on how to build a great looking webpage with Shopify. Homepage Design 101 is a recommended resource to check out!

This leads me to my next point, which is your product catalog. When you import products into your store, Oberlo and Aliexpress are generally going to bring those products in with massive long titles and stock photos that aren't always appealing. What you'll want to do if you want to really make those products pop and get people interested is order a sample of those products so that you can take your own product photos.

I've definitely seen people successful with Oberlo and Aliexpress but you really have to think about who you're trying to market to, and think about your brand voice in general.

Focus on a few good products that you have faith in, grab some samples, take some photos on your own, staged nicely, and reupload those photos to the store.

So for example, if you have about a dozen or so products to start, you can grab one of each, and then get a friend to help model them. Sometimes the products that come from Oberlo already have some nice product photos attached to them, but if you have one model that consistently showcases your products throughout the site, it really helps with consistency and creating that brand trust.

It's a little tricky to start up at first, but once you've got it rolling, you'll have no issue. I hope this all helps! If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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