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My site speed on mobile is VERY slow , its in RED and showing at 31


The advice they are showing means nothing to me, so I wondered if anyone could help with some fixes to speed my mobile up?


Thanks in advance

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What advice is it giving you? There are several issues that can cause slow load times. Usually the most common reason is images not being optimized. High quality photos can have larger file sizes so when you have a page with several huge image sizes to load, it's definitely going to slow things down. I viewed the site via desktop and mobile both had lag, but the mobile was much worse. Either way there is definitely lag and I noticed it was the images that were loading slowly.

There are several shopify apps that can fix those file sizes for you. The only one I've ever personally used is called It charges a small fee based on however many images you are fixing. It will show what the photos will look like after also before they go live. There might be a better or free app if you look, I'm not totally sure on that. 

If shrinking those photo file sizes doesn't work then you need to check out other possibilities like your java script, theme, etc. There are several things that can cause a site to load slowly. I know you said you didn't quite understand the advice given to you, but that's going to likely tell you what the issue is. If you don't understand it exactly you can try googling the error or post it somewhere in the shopify community so that someone can explain it in an easier to understand way without as much technical jargon. 


Thanks so much for your reply


This is what it says 


Estimated Savings
Eliminate render-blocking resources
0.99 s
Serve images in next-gen formats
0.99 s
Defer unused CSS
0.42 s
Defer offscreen images
0.3 s
Minify CSS
0.24 s
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Hi Susan,

Increasing shopify speed isn't something easy and must be done by experts, meanwhile, you can read this article, it will help you fix some (easy) speed errors

Good luck