Site loading very slowly

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I've deleted any 3rd party apps and compressed all images.  Still loading so slowly that third party speed test sites can't even analyze it.  Site is  Thanks for any suggestions

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I tested your site and I see that it loads in 3~3.5 seconds, which is actually better than average (you can get an idea of performance for Shopify sites here:


Annotation 2020-06-02 145309.png

You can view the results here:


The site doesn't have many requests (good job there!) but I do notice a 404 error coming from here: (this means that the bookmark/site icon is missing)


It also looks like your theme scripts and styles might be inflated by 72~86% on the home page because you have everything combined into single CSS and JS files (according to studies this can actually hurt site speed). You should try only loading those styles and scripts you're using instead.


Since you also have your images compressed, you might look into using filters in Shopify Liquid to serve large image banners in Progressive JPG format, which will help them load faster (instructions on the Shopify blog here: