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I need help. Im disappointed i cant find a number. I built a site online and have left it for a week or so as it said it would save the site i have now paid the monthly bill. And i cannot find the site i spent months building. Please could someone help me asap. I have a meeting with a sales rep in a couple of days hence buying the shopify and im trying to find out hwere all the content has gone. It said it would be saved 

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Hey @TomCallaghan77 , 

You should try reaching out to Shopify Support.
Shopify has started a callback service to handle support requests you can find it here:

Due to COVID and limited availability of staff, you might not find a slot to book a callback. In such a case I can suggest a few other alternatives get support:
1. Try sending a DM on their twitter handle. Shopify has a dedicated support twitter handle and I can see that they are active there.
2. You can also take a look at their help docs and see if there's a relevant blog for your issue. 

I hope you get a solution soon.

Best Regards,

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