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Ive been building my store for a year now.  I get lots of traffic but no sales.  I would love some feedback.  It's obvious I'm missing something.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  My site domain is


Hi @pxpbrand 


I no the feeling of not getting sales. Back in 2014 I was in the same position you're in now. 


I can tell you have put loads of effort into this website so keep going mate. I'm sure you will make it. 


I've just emailed you something that should really help you out. 



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Hey @pxpbrand,


If I had to guess, a lot of your issue is that your top nav doesn't divide your site cleanly into your "shop" and "other content" sections.  A lot of sites with a secondary focus on shopping have a specific "shop" link in their navigation.


Make your "Shop" call to action more clear, and then see how much of your site traffic goes there!


If you're interested, we'd also love for you to try out conversion tracking tag, which would give you more information about your sites visitor behavior.  Reach out at : )


Good luck!


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Hi there,


Try to structure your website, it also has been mentioned above.


You need to let people understand that they might consider your products and create the need for that.

Let users easily navigate on your products and point out the way to the product page. On the product page, you might consider adding more photos to the products as well.


I see that you trying to collect users' email addresses and providing them with a discount, that is great. Try to work on the userbase you've collected during this year.


Hope it helps

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Hi @pxpbrand 


Normally in any ecommerce website, the most important factor is about the navigation of the website. If you have clear website then automatically your conversion would grow up. You can take the reference of top novel website, they all have clear background even Amazon is selling books they also focusses on clear background. I would recommend you to start working on your website once again, there are things like proper sliders, which depict the content related to your website. White background is important part, as I believe nowadays if someone is visiting website related to books he/she would be the big fan of content, for that your content should be visible. I clearly see that content is not visible on your website. 


I have also analysed, you have not enabled Google Analytics code on your website, without Google Analytics you will not be abke to track the behaviour of website, in the terms of visitors, visiting to your website. Your facebook pixel is also not setup, With Facebook Analytics you would be able to track the traffic 


Positioning of tawk chat is not placed properly, it should be at the bottom right.  


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Hi @pxpbrand !

Thank you for choosing!

Placing a chat widget on your site is just the bare minimum. I suggest creating triggers to encourage chat engagement is key here .

The more visitors you're able to have conversations with, the more opportunities this creates. Build rapport, help the visitor with something they're stuck with, or even assist them in processing the sale; reducing cart abandonment. Simply being available when your customers need you the most is what differentiates you from the competitor. Give them that unforgettable customer experience!

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You have a unique brand. It however takes time to make people to remember the brand. Online promotions help to some extent but tend to be short term. Building a steady and growing customer base will help with sales. If you want to consider mail-in marketing approach to some customers you may want look at this post

Good luck,