Spent $500+ on ads for my website and it's not really converting (6 Real Sales)

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Hi. My name is Salah and I just turned 15 a couple of days ago. My website is elementscases.com and all the feedback I have received has been pretty positive about the site. My main product is this product 

I have done a lot of ads from SnapChat ads ($100), Paid someone to do FB Ads ($200), Instagram Ads ($100), and my own Facebook ads which spent around $80 and no sales from that. I started with snapchat and I got my first sale on my first day. I never got any more sales with SnapChat ads after that. I feel like I got the most sales from Instagram ads. I really need some help. I've have been getting most of my money from Amazon FBA as my other business but it's been going downhill. I'm pretty low in money at the moment and I'm really confused about my sales. Please help.Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 9.37.24 AM.png