Spent loads of effort on my products, store and advertising but no results.. help!

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I've gradually tried so many things over time but am getting to the end of my ideas. Can someone please have a look at my store and tell me what I'm doing wrong? 



I've tried the following:

  • Shuffled the homepage from being content to collections to let customers go straight to products
  • I kept socials all in check for quite a while with regular posts and giveaways etc (given up for now)
  • I've reduced the price of my products
  • Tried free shipping promos
  • I got customers to write reviews so I had some up there
  • Done flash sales
  • Added paypal as a payment method
  • Added afterpay as a payment method
  • Given lots of details on all my products
  • Got remarketing and retargetting setup with google and facebook and had it running for a while (off now)

While I was running my ad campaigns on facebook and google I was getting a lot of traffic from it, but hardly any conversions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Be brutal. 



Candle Monster (Damien)


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Damien: u might want to change your name from candlemonster to candlemaster or candlemother for starters.  monsters and candles, h'mmm?, but u are likely already fully committed to the name so perhaps the sweetness & light collections by the candlemonster.  Otherwise come up with a cute candlemonster motif that appeals to girls who like to wear fluffy pink uggs, or to women who look pretty good in yoga pants or a tan....or whomever your audience is.  Work on making the name relevant to the product, perhaps, although this is a minor thing.


2) your landing page evokes tropical beaches but it doesn't evoke the gently wafting pillows of sweet and sultry trance candy  those smoldering candle creatures of yours send our way.  Seems like candles are about setting a mood, not sure that the landing page images speak to your products....and we wonder why everything is on sale..bury the sale page.


3) speaking of burying stuff you've buried a lot of really good information about yourself and your products in a tool bar.  Why not put your story up front:

We are a company that creates our own candle perfumes using all organic, naturally sourced, fairly-traded exotic jungle potions that set a mood for deep relaxation, mental concentration, sensual release, cosmic meditation...

Our candles are of soy wax because of all the reasons you state but have hidden behind a faq, and are hand-crafted, years of practice, yogic inspiration, i was trained by long line of sufi mystics,

4)  Your product photographs are good but they are not sensual, I know you've already spent money, lots, and time, lots, but you may want to find somebody who can photoshop a better background effect, or find a different way to photograph your products so that your viewers want to make love to them or at the very least caress the packaging.

The background you use in them is a bit masculine and, dare I say, ashy?  I am guessing that mostly women are buying your candles.  The only bisexual candle buying that I know of is amongst Mexicans who buy votive candles to pray for money, success, love, portents of the future, etc....otherwise it is mostly all a female buying public.

5} I didn't go into your candle collections but have you considered doing a section based on moods, or creating a line of funny stuff like the smell of money?  Why don't you have a flavor called monkeybutt? No Bali line, even...every  Australian I know has been to Bali too, and they have a really funny, and I mean funny haha sense of humor that I don't see anywhere even though you liked the humorous offering at a trade show you attended so much you included it in your blog....In the alternative, come up with unique and creative names for scents that you have developed that are interesting but not pretentious, and not even aromatique, perhaps.

6) get rid of the tool bar, or at least get rid of the stuff you are not using....and if you continue its use, more fully develop it, expecially the about us.

7) tell us why to buy this as opposed to that....take some photos of your candles in use.....harajuku is cool but maybe show your candle placed in a room that screams either harjuku or the exact type of girl who goes to harajuku....maybe your model's room.  Place your candles in a context that your potential clients will identify with.


I think this stuff is more of an emotional sale than a hard-headed grocery list item.  I think you need to set the mood and seduce your buyers.  Your present site is a lot of hard and straight edges where it needs soft curves and warm colors with some womanlygirly stuff mixed in.  Speak to your audience, create a boutique experience, even though you are operating a grocery store.


Apart from that I can't help you.  I am by no means a web designer and my own sites need heaps of work/help which is why I am on this forum....my only experience building a genuinely successful and effective website is from a site I built 15 years ago that was so crude that EVERYBODY in the website business hated it but the funny thing was customers loved it and many told me so....so, as they say in USA, go figure and good luck, my friend.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write all that. There is lots of valuable insights there I need to act on. 

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I somewhat agree with the previous poster, about the site wording/descriptions, because we can't smell the candles-you have to describe how they smell.


I AM a candle monster lol I LOVE candles that smell really good, and spend too much money on them lol I am going to share a site link for a popular store here in the U.S. It is very well known. There is this company, and one more very well known company that have so many loyal customers, that they don't really have to do much to keep winning our business. This one is my favorite, and where I love to buy candles from... The smell is outrageous and lasts forever..just sharing so you can see how they work their site, descriptions, etc..  https://www.bathandbodyworks.com/


Hi Damien

If you are running marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook and people are not converting, then you need to work on your traffic. Managing your marketing is like any other job, it's a skill and not an easy one to master. I have been doing it for 13 years and speak from experience. I'll share some tweaks I might make to your site and how we think about marketing an ecom brand like yours.


Homepage Feedback

    1. Carousels have been proven to kills conversions rates ...limit how much you use the one on your site. No one is going to wait around to see what is on each sliders

    2. I would clean up the design of your homepage and feature less product. 

Product Page  Feedback

    1. Add a section at the bottom of product pages to show your most viewed/bought items from the site. This can help increase your average order value


Even with a good CTR or tons of traffic, if people are not buying then it's not the right traffic. Not all traffic is created equal. The one thing we tell each client is that you can get traffic of all kinds but that does not mean it's the right traffic for your store.


When our clients are looking to do paid ads on Google or Facebook. We recommend they start off on Google Shopping as you can target people based on what they are searching for. This means it's easier to get sales faster. You will need a Google Merchant Center and a Google Ads Account to run Google Shopping campaigns. After Google Shopping is working, we look at Facebook and setup a Dynamic Product Ads campaign on Facebook. 


Google Merchant Center
This is where you host and manage your products (SKUs), so you can use Google Shopping campaigns in your Google Ads (AdWords) account. You can add the Google Shopping app to your store and connect it to your Google Merchant Center... once you do this, you are almost set to run Google Shopping campaigns.


Google Ads (AdWords) Account
This is where you run and manage your Google Shopping campaigns from. You will need to connect your Google Ads account to your Google Merchant Center account above. Once you do that, you can run Google Shopping campaigns. Make sure you turn on Auto-Tagging in your account. Also, you can link your Google Ads account with your Google Analytics account... this helps make sure data is shared between them. Hopefully you have setup your Google Analytics account already. Make sure your bids are not to high and you have a good account structure.


Facebook Ad Account
If you have not, you should Setup your Facebook Catalog. That way you can run Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), which is remarketing/retargeting on Facebook and Instagram. When someone comes to your site and does not buy... you can show them an ad later on Facebook and Instagram. The DPA campaigns are always the best return on ad spend for our clients. It's good to start with site visitors or people who have added something to their cart/started checkout but have not bought anything.

Once you have that setup. You can see what is working and what is not working and grow the business. The above assumes you have setup your Facebook pixel and your have a Google Ads Conversion tag setup for your site too. That way you can track your sales. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know

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