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Hey Water Loving Shopifyers :-)

Give a sprinkle of your important time and tell us what you think.


Thanks :-)

May your life be blessed with healthy water :-)


Leslie Gabriel, WaterMan


Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey Leslie!

Had a look at your website, and I have to say that the Santa hats really made me chuckle!

As far as feedback goes, I noticed that there are two pop-ups. The first is a coupon made available when someone Likes you on Facebook or follows you on Twitter, the second is just an 8% off code. Pop-ups, though good at drawing attention to certain offers, can get annoying when there is more than one on a page. From my experience, customers don't like being "annoyed" while they are browsing. 

I also noticed a "Find us on Facebook" module in your blog that doesn't appear to be populated with any content. It might be best to remove it if you're not using it. 

Otherwise, I think your colour palette really reflects the products you are selling!

Andrea M | Shopify Guru
support@shopify.com | 1-888-746-7439