Started my store 5 mo. ago with traffic through marketing... but no sales. Help!

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Hello Shopify Community!

I would appreciate feedback and insight on my online store:

The store is clothing and goods inspired by the city of Chicago. I started this store about 5 months ago. I do get traffic through social media marketing however I haven't gotten any sales. 

I would like suggestions on what I can improve before spending more on marketing. 

Thanks again!

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Hi @312Supply,

I have seen your store and here is my view:

- Your main background-color is black and I think it's not suitable in the Covid-19 pandemic. People want to see something positive. 

- This banner looks unprofessional I suppose. The message needs to have meaning and the CTA button.  


- You can also add the CTA button on this section. 


- You're selling fashion products. So real-life photos are necessary to show how customers are using your products. 

- You can also build your Instagram to show product images as many as possible. And creating an Instagram feed on your Shopify store can be a good way to make your store look better. 

Check it out if you want to create one: Shoppable Instagram Gallery 

- Do you try to have some discount events? I don't see any discount products on your site. 

The discount event will increase your sales. 

- If you're spending money on ads and don't have a good result, pls don't spend more on it. Try to figure out something is wrong and fix that. 

Hope it helps!

Happy selling, 

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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Expert here  

Great tips above - also consider using a professional email address [such as] instead of a free one. It’s a great way to build trust as an established business. You can create a custom email address matching your domain with G-Suite - learn how to do it here: 

Here are a few guides that might help:

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Hi @312Supply welcome to Shopify community 

Hope your business is going well during these difficult times. I checked your store website, and I have a few tips and feedback I'd like to share:

In your homepage, I would suggest highlighting a few more collections (Featured Product, Best Seller, and New Arrivals) and keeping some testimonials as social proof as well. Keep in mind that the homepage should be engaging customers, but also not too cluttered which might make your customers bounce off.

Revamp your 'About Us' page. What an About Us page should be is a goal-oriented sales page, one that focuses on highlighting the biggest selling points of your story and brand, making a strong impression on curious customers. Read this blog on the potential of About Us page:

I noticed that the product descriptions are not descriptive, A brief info about the product is required. Why? Because you can use potential keywords in such circumstances that are likely used on search engines. (try out this to find phrases that are related to the keyword and also have a high search volume.) This will help increase organic traffic (google)

4. Adding product stickers/trust badges can help increase your sales by tapping into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency. Also having graphic and personalized stickers on products will help grab attention of customers easily and nudge them to purchase.

I hope this helps!


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