Still have no sales

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Hello guys,
So I start to launch my ads campaign on Facebook and I really want to know what I'm doing wrong because I used Kit to bring me traffic, but it is not converting, for example : today I got 70 visitors and only 3 add to cart, 2 reach checkout.

Usually I only have 5% of visitors that add to their cart. But no one buy. I know that the problem might come from my targeting on Facebook, but first, i would like my store to be perfect before continuing.


Could you possibly give some feedback on my store ?
What can be wrong ? My product ? My price ?

Also my store is in french but I installed Panda Translate, you can change the language on the top left of your screen.


Link :

Thanks a lot !

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Hi @Vincent_Tieng 


There's something wrong on your collection page. It's multiplying currency by x10000. There was some customizations done on this theme that are causing such problems. Please try using a different theme. 



-Ali, Your Shopify Expert

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Hi Vincent,


You have great products and prices. 9 GBP for a diamond lookalike ring is a good bargain. One thing I noticed that might affect trust is the product images. For example on this product: all three rings are different. They are different sizes and the centre is square on one ring and round on the other. Those rings in the photos look expensive, and it just doesn't add up that you are selling them for 9 GBP. That could definitely affect the trust and sales. Consider using your own images, that can definitely help you earn more trust and convert visitors into shoppers. 

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Thank you, I correct the problem, could you tell me what do you think now ?

I still have no sales, but some add to cart.