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Would someone be willing to critique my store? I am a newbie. I seem to have a lot of traffic or so shopify is telling me, but a very high bounce rate and no sales. 

I am fumbling through Facebook ads and am not having much luck. But admittedly my budget for advertising is pretty much non-existent. 

Can you notice any glaring things? Or am I just targeting the wrong people. 

Thank you!

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Your landing page is very cool and engaging.  Once you click a menu option however there's not a navigational link to get back to it.  My personal feeling is that you should be using that space (that is YOUR brand) as your main navigational page.  Simply put a 'home' button on your menu and then use that space effectively.

On your collection pages I like that you kept them very clean and uncluttered.  I would however add just a tint of color to the background.  I've personally never liked white backgrounds on any website.

I also like that your blog was very personal and supplied a strong mission statement as to why you've created your online store.

One final thing.  I noticed that as I click on different products that the site opens new tabs.  I would keep my store within one tab if possible.

Those are just my own personal opinions, but good job !  I wish you well.

If you would I would appreciate a similar critique.  I've created a new thread for mine at


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Hi Stephanie, my name's Sam WInter and I am the founder of Small Business Media. The home page of your shopify store looks awesome, there is lots of content which is sometimes a struggle for first time shopify owners. You have a blog which is awesome, however I noticed that you don't have a contact us page or an about us page, this is critical when building your brand and gaining customer trust. It's great that you have a lot of different products that have good descriptions and photos. Your website is heading in the right direction but could definatly use some improvement.

I saw that you mentioned facebook ads, may I ask, how exactly are you marketing on facebook, what types of ad's are you using?

If you'd like to talk about this in further detail Stephanie, I'd love to help! Please feel free to contact me via my website


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Hey Stephanie, 

Your shop looks awesome. What kind of bounce rate are you seeing? One of the first things I noticed is I'm not getting hit with popups asking for my email, etc. when I first hit your site, and you have clear, simple navigation. In fact, I'm not seeing much that would cause a high bounce rate, so I'm wondering if it's your traffic. You mentioned that you are fumbling with facebook ads, are you sure you are targeting your audiences correctly? Are you sure you know who your target audience is? 

I did notice a few small things as I was clicking around that could use some improvement:

1. Several of the categories in your dropdowns did not have any products in them. If there's no inventory, just hide them. 

2. The spacing is a little strange on the collection pages, for example. It might be messed up responsiveness, but those circles should probably be centered and 1 or 2 rows on a wide screen. 

Those are just little things, I think you're off to a great start. 

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