Store Feedback - No Conversions at all - Only Visitors

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Hi All, 


I would appreciate any help, guidance, advice you can provide

Its been about 6 weeks since the launch of my store. I have added a lot of designs and products but have not seen a single sales since then. 

I have spent a few hundred on FB, Instagram, and Google as well

I am not sure what I am doing wrong or not doing at all.

I would appreciate any help I can get

My store is

Thank you


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Hi @ben116 

Thank you for those suggestions, 

These are all new products, I don't have any reviews yet, 

I am only using Shopify and no Amazon or eBay etc right now


I am still looking at competitors, but just running into a roadblock trying to figure out why I am not getting conversions

Thanks for your help



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I like your header area. Consider adding an "about us" and "sizing guide (when you get it done)" link top left and phone number top right. A bit of white space surrounding the logo area that is maybe not as flowing as one might like. Your socials are down in the footer and most people, frankly, never make it that far. Consider how to lay them out in the header along with a bookmark link. Add a home link to your top navigation, otherwise, I had to use a breadcrumb link to get back to the home page.


Below the header the layout is lacking. i.e. the introduction to dreamway just has no punch on the title being just "DreamWayPrints" and it's position seem just out of place. The comment "providing customers the chance to showcase their unique creativity and sense of humor (or lack of it) anywhere they go..." or lack of it, can just be offensive. I am just not sure what is revolutionary about the business model, it is vague with grandiose claims without context and pushes everything down the fold with really no purpose.


Would it be better to take snippets of  your introduction and place them into the moving images floating and fading to relevant transitions... i.e. 

"Showcase Your Creativity...." initial image....transition.... "Revolutionary custom apparel & accessories"....transition "designed by you....." transition to image "From issues that matter to you...." transition... "To showcasing your own style".....humor, issue oriented


Bring your product up by removing that. Humor sells very well. Consider compressing to 2 rows of 5 featured products each showcasing your funniest T's in one row, and maybe your favorite issue T's on the other - though issue related content can be controversial and turn off prospective buyers. You could have a 3rd that features your iphone cases which I thought were funny as all get out as well. I'd shift the prices to the right side, add a little 10px or so buffer from the product link and make them a bit more bold.


Your home page is the most important from a getting peeps to stick that land on it. Show them your best stuff to get them to want to see more.


On your product page, under shipping calculated detail I would put the sizing guide that uses a popup that keeps you on the page...can't remember what the heck the thing is called.....That way, someone can do a quick check to make sure they are ordering the correct size before they check out - it builds customer confidence.


Cart - when you add something to you cart in chrome, the slideout pops out and your messenger window covers over the paypal link. So you need to configure that so that messenger is not visible or move the messenger chat app to the left side of the page.


Outside of that, it looks like, while you have color options and size options, most of your products are pre-designed. Which is cool, but, there is nothing revolutionary about it. My favorite locally owned packing company does custom T's while you wait...You just have to bring them the right size image file.


I like the design, it is clean, easy to look at, attractive and functional. Clean, with minimal distractions does very well, when combined with ease of use, trust elements and good products. You'll want to build trust elements into your site but beyond that, I think it is a winner.





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Thank you for those wonderful suggestions, I will definitely take a lot of those into considerations

Some of those might be limited to the theme I am using, 

I don't want to spend a lot of money on buying themes at the moment, but it is something I will definitely look into

I appreciate you taking the time and providing such feedback