Store Feedback, Please

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I launched my store last week.
Doing advertisements in Adwords, Getting traffic but no sales. Would love some feedback on my website

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The site is nice, you have a good numbers of products and the design is ok!

Maybe you are not using the right keywords, not targeting the right audience... It can be a lot of things and it's hard to tell from outside.

You can give a try to our Adwords app if you are interested:

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We develop applications for Shopify powered stores.

Our team has recently developed one that can increase sales by up to 70%!
There we implemented last machine learning and deep learning techniques that helps to achive such a great performance.

The application consists of two main components: product recommendations widget (up-selling, cross-selling and personalized recommendations) and dashboard (analytics of store's performance).

We guarantee that if you install out application you get:
1.increase of conversion visitors into sales,
2.boost in average revenue from purchase,
3.better user experience,
4.insights on customers behavior and preferences.

There is no installation fee. And for you as one of our first clients it will be completely free.

So if you are interested to try it or you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With best regards,