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A vintage style golf brand of clothing for on and off the green.

I’ve asked for feedback in the past and I have gotten a lot of in depth, honest answers and I love it and appreciate it. Things I’ll work on will obviously be changing my email to my domain name, update the size chart (or any suggestions on a different approach for sizing details), updating the policies, and I know my SEO is weak. One of the main issues I’m having is the whole story behind a clothing line. I’m a vintage style golf apparel, the niche would probably first target an older crowd. But I wanted a more chill, and fun kind of style. That’s why I have all these graphic t’s, dad hats, crewnecks, etc. I guess I’m just struggling to find a way to connect with the target audience so the story is very bland. Also if there are any suggestions on if I have too many items or not enough. If I should get rid of anything because of a certain color way doesn’t sell, I’ll take any feedback on that. I know my pictures are just bad mockups so I have to hire a photographer. Another thing is my whole Shopify theme. I want to stick to a free theme but I’d like a suggestion on what you’d think the perfect theme would be to go with my site. I like the clean white background and how mine looks but I don’t like how there’s no dropdown menus or on my homepage the banners cannot have text. Just little stuff like that. Right now I’m using the Minimal theme, is there a certain theme that people use for clothing that has been successful to others in a noticeable way?
Lastly, I’ve had some people come up to me and say they wanted to invest into my business. I know first thing I’d do is get a professional photographer and make my site look appealing with great pictures and use the rest of the money for marketing ads. But don’t really know what I’d do or have to do after I get the money these people invested into the site.



Nice store. I love about your true passion towards golf.


Hope following suggestion will help you:


1. Use call to action button in banner

2. Optimize your store for mobile

3. Work on mobile page speed

4. You have missed some basic SEO

5. Add blog section and update regularly. It will help in traffic and good bounce rate.


There are other areas you need to work if you need more tips then contact here:


"Select Shopify Small Tasks"


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Thanks & Regards
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Hi RayB0123,

I like the minimal theme, it's looks pure but highlights your products. I recommend to categorize your products. (hat, tshirts etc) and put this categories your main navigation.


I absolutely love the featured images in your homepage slider. Consider adding a short tagline and a call to action to each image with info on what you are offering.


Add live chat support app so that your customers can directly reach out to you.


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