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Hello, I just launched my store recently and wanted to get some feedback. My store is:

I've had about 50 visitors/day recently by Shopify analytics, but by Google Analytics it's a bit higher. Problem I'm having is my bounce rate is very high (85%). 

Any reason you could see for this?

I've been doing Facebook marketing and been working on Instagram slowly.



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HI Mitchell,

Nice store layout and also product. Very unique.

Without seeing the actual analytics and understanding other metrics such as time on page etc, one reason might be that perhaps either your marketing message or target audience might not be aligned i.e. the customer expectation is different to what they expect when they reach your site and hence the high bounce rate.

Another reason may be because of the product structure... not sure if shoppers shop by material first and then jewellery type or the other way around (i.e. earrings and then the item they like the best)

It might also be worth investing some more time on analytics to drill deeper and see if you can work out the buyer profile and how that matches your inorganic advertising.

Hope the above helps in some way. Happy to help further if I can.

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