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Hello fellow entrepreneurs! I'm not having trouble getting between 100-200 people to my store each day but I have gotten hardly any add to carts. I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm worried that my product isn't a "winner" even though I think it has a "wow" factor. Any advice on how to improve my site would be much appreciated. Thanks! 

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Hello @Onyeka 


Congratulations for your store! It's a great website that you've put together. I felt from design point of view - the theme, navigation, accessibility, everythign was good and smooth. 


I had just one point for your website. You talk about the 'what' of the product really well. The features and how it works are mentioned very clearly. But I missed was seeing the 'Why'. To be clear - why someone would use this bottle is clear (no one wants their tongues to be scathed, that is super annoying). But why I, as a visitor should buy it isn't clear. 


I don't see things that would appeal to me - like is the bottle really affordable? How long will the bottle would last me? And most importantly, what kind of people are already using it? Because like most shoppers, I would end up buying something that I can relate to and if I see other people like me buying the same thing too. 


Let me know if this is useful for you. Good luck with your store and do stay safe!


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@Onyeka be more pixel perfectionist.

when you audit your store yourself, you'll find many things that can be adjusted... I'll give a few


1) make your logo with a transparent logo and ad a favicon, it doesn't look nice 

2) ad a longer story to your about us page

3) you are obliged to ad real contact information in your policies, I cannot find any?


and here is a screenshot of how the track your order page looks like, people don't trust this 


2020-05-27 13 18 05.png


Did you buy anything on your store yourself to see if the checkout process is working perfectly without any hiccups?


I'm not a pro, nor do I try to sell anything, I'm here to help new people like I was helped by others.


I receive good feedback about my dropshipping store which was launched a few weeks ago. Feel free to take a look


And my story is here ->

Frederiek owner of dropshipping store Sevenedge Perfect Gifts 

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Thank you. You are making great points. In your opinion, where on my shop and how should I tell people why they should buy my product? 

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Thank you for the tips! They are really informative. However, you mentioned that my track your order page isn't trustworthy, how can I make it more trustworthy to potential customers?