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Hi, i'm new to shopify community so i don't know well how it works. I apologize if this is the wrong category for this question.

I want your opinion as dropshippers

I created this store recently and it's going well, but now i wanna add more products and i need a new design.

This is my store: I think that i need something like this store:

What do you think? Thanks guys


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Hey @AstroHouse,

Comparing the two, I do prefer the Galaxy lamps website, it looks more professional. That being said though, yours does look good. I don't necessarily think you need to do a big theme change, the biggest thing I notice on yours is the photos. Your photos aren't clear, they are blurry. This could be because you are using a photo that is too small and it's being stretched out, or because you've saved it as a low quality .jpg. I'd recommend updating that main photo to a nice big, clear image.

Otherwise, I think you've done a great job with everything. I appreciate the fact that you wrote where it is manufactured and the shipping time.

More important than the design though, because you can have a great looking website and still not make sales, you need to work on your website SEO. We hear from a lot of store owners A LOT that they get a lot of traffic but no conversions. This comes down to your SEO, you are getting traffic but it's the wrong kind of traffic.

When I take a look at your product SEO, this is what I see and this is how it would show up in search results or social media shares:


The issue here is that you currently don't have anything besides a title and a person searching for your type of products wouldn't know to type "ASTROHOUSE Rocket Lamp" into Google. We’ve created a video walking you through how to do your SEO properly so that you can target your intended audience:

If you have any questions, you can contact us using the information in our signature. We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up!

PS: If you need some graphics for your store for Black Friday, we just released a free pack. They look like this:


They come in 4 different colors and have percentage variations ranging from 20-80% off. You can download them for free when you sign up for our email list.


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Thanks a lot for your reply! It was very helpful. I'm going to improve the SEO of my store