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We recently launched our store and would like to get some feedback from other much experienced users. Thanks



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Hi Jared and welcome to the forums!


Your store is authentic and you are consistent with your niche and branding - people crave it right now when shopping online. Consider also adding stronger CTA [call to action] to each of the images in your carousel to engage with your visitors and prompt them to click and shop. Also link each image to a relevant collection/product to improve your customer journey [sales funnel] which will help you improve your SEO [dwelling time on your website] and conversion rate [sales].

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Congrats on getting your store this far. Here are some ways to improve your store:


Homepage Feedback

  1. Carousels have been proven to kills conversions rates . I would limit how much you use them if you want to keep it

  2. I would add your shipping information as a new page and make it a link in your footer. I see some shipping info is on your returns pages

Product Page Feedback

  1. Add your return/refund as links on each product page like you do for shipping.  This is something buyers look for

  2. Add longer product description, where possible, as this is how you sell more product. Plus it can help with your SEO

  3. Move your sizing chart link higher on the page and closer to where people pick the size of the product

  4. Add a section of most viewed/bought products to the bottom of every product page. You want to keep people on your site as long as possible

Keep making improvements to your store.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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