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Hi all,


I'm looking to refresh the design of my company's store and would appreciate any feedback. I have some thoughts on what needs to be changed, but I'd like a 3rd party opinion that I can point to when explaining to my boss why I've made these changes.


Here are some example pages:




Cooking show


About us



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Hey @willkrakow,

I went through your store and the food products you are selling sure look delicious. I have a few feedbacks which I feel will improve your store experience a lot

1. The biggest problem I faced was that, there's no way from the top menu to see the list of individual products. The top bar links and homepage only show the bundles and build a box. I found out the shop option on the footer is where all the individual options can be found. I think you should allow users to discover that easily. For a first time user it'll be easier to order 2-3 dishes and try before ordering 10/20 at a go.
- Add an option on the top menu to open a collection of individual packs
- Add an option from your landing page to go this collection too

2. Do have contact from the link on the top menu. Also I saw the contact form on your website. I feel it has too many fields and a lot of users won't feel like taking so much effort to fill in the whole form just to ask a query. You can keep the form field limited to only name, email id, and the message. 

3. Do add a favicon to your website. It's the tiny logo that appears on your browsers tab.

4. Even the about us page should be accessible from the top menu bar

5. I feel the landing page can have more content on the products and their benefits described and all the videos can be clubbed together on a separate page. You can keep just 1 video on the hope page and that should do.

Also, I would like you to try out an app called ModeMagic - Product Labels that I launched a while ago. We have some product stickers which you can apply to your products easily. 

Stickers like these can help your products stand out. You can also apply "Best Seller" stickers to your products which are most famous in your store. This would allow new buyers to pick a product faster and would increase your conversions.
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I hope my feedback helps you improve your store and I wish you all the best! May your store serve delicious and healthy meals to many more customers!


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