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I would like to get feedback on my store. it is an online Pet Store.  I have targeted ads to Facebook and and Instagram using Kit and have lots of traffic but not 1 sale.  i was wondering if i could get feedback from anyone in regards to my site and what you think should be changed for a better shopping experience.



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Hi, think your store lack branding identity.   Not sure I liked your logo dog taking up a 3rd of homepage.  When I moved around your site, I couldn't get back to homepage easily as you do not have a menu bar with home, I guessed clicking your logo would take me back.  I would remove all the categories in the menu bar, and have the usual 'home' 'about us' 'shop' (here you can create a dropdown of all your categories) 'contact us'... shoppers need to be able to easily move around a site, I think the way you have laid it out makes it difficult.  The quick links which mirror your categories are not necessary.  I would concentrate on providing more information about who you are, what you do etc.  You've almost presented yourself in an anonymous manner - building trust you need to be more visible and open.   On your 'return policy' you list an address, but on the footer on your homepage you give no indication of where you are.  

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Hi there,


The above the fold area is important. I don't think a blurry big size logo is a good idea. You should try a full-width, high resolution hero image that features the hottest product(s) in your store.

On collection pages, try adding more information into the list items in a consistent manner:

- Available variations

- Customer reviews

- Secondary hover images

- Add-to-cart button

This is where people scan and compare products so you'd better make their scanning and comparing as easy as possible.

On product pages, take advantage of your product description area to include more information like actual photo, tips and tricks. Also consider adding product reviews to create a sense that many people are using this products (you can import reviews from suppliers).


Some of my opinions!


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Thank you for your feedback it was helpful.  I have made some changes and am hoping it will help

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Hey Pugpakboutique,

Add a central banner to improve site look and define site peculiarity. Apart from that, some other points to remember are:

  1. Seperate sales section should be made for all discounted products.
  2. Testimonials should be added for improving customer choice.
  3. Instagram images should be added to better brand promotion.
  4. Reviews should be added below the rest of the products to help customers decide better. 
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  6. Finally, I would also recommend replacing the default search with an advanced search like Sparq which allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. Visitors with search are high intent users and their conversion rate is higher than normal users.
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Hi, just took another look at the changes you implemented and it does already look so much better and easier to navigate, it also now comes across as more personal (rather than anonymous like before).


Good luck!

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Thank you! I am actually doing a total re-design right now. I hope to launch today or tonight sometime

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Hi again, taken another look at your total new design.  Your logo is missing on your homepage.  Which theme do you use?  Your homepage looks a little empty, maybe just add a 'featured collection' 


Hi @mmarks15


Congratulations to your shop. Enclosed are my tips for your shop:


- On the homepage no fullscreen picture, but a Herobanner
- The most cumbersome thing I find is that you need at least 4 clicks before you can buy a product. That is too many clicks
- Therefore I would use a herobanner on the homepage and under it your collections or categories which lead directly to the products
- In the Herobanner you can highlight products, e.g. your top product or a promotion that is currently running
- In the navigation I would extend "Shop" with a submenu, which shows the categories / collections
- Rename "Shop" to "Products", because the user is already in the shop
- The wish list would be displayed as an icon and placed next to the account icon


In this way, you can get from the homepage not only to the products via the navigation, but also to the collections and categories below the herobanner.


- On the product page, it is useful to combine the product images in a gallery instead of listing them all together in large format
- I would also summarize the colors / sizes in variants (drop down)


It looks tidier, takes up less space, seems less chaotic and you don't have to scroll as much to see the rest of the pictures. The information is thus closer together and easier to overview.

What surprised me a bit is the many reviews, because you write that you have a lot of traffic but not a single sale. So where do your reviews come from? If they are "fake" ones, which are created by an app, I wouldn’t do that, because it seems unbelievable.

All in all, I think you are on the right way. Your pictures are good, have a good resolution and are well categorized. On your footer you could do some work. This one seems a bit unloving. Put this one into categories too: E.g. HomePage specific (Search, About Us etc.) and Shipping (Policies etc.)


Good luck with your shop