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Hi, I recently opened my store, I have not run much ads yet but wanted some feedback on the store look. Please let me know what I could improve on :) thanks

Hi @Joshua2020,


I suppose you are selling only 1 product, and using the homepage as a product page.


Your homepage is good in terms of content structure, here are some of my suggestion if you wanna improve the homepage UX:


1. Call-to-action consistency:

If the homepage is being used as a product page, then instead of directing users to another product page, I suggest you improve the homepage as a product page, and make "Buy now" or "Add to cart" the primary CTA button. 

A page might contain many CTA button, but the primary button must be the one with most visual weight and must be the most visually prominent.



Consider carefully which action you want users to take the most, and make it primary call to action. Then distribute the button consistently throughout the page.


2.  Include real images in the "Testimonials" section.

Only include a section for testimonial if you've got real testimonials from customers. And if you do, ask for the permission to use their image. Images of real customers will make your testimonials much more convincing.







3. Optimize your page for search engines.

If you are serious with your business and want to improve the page for search engine, here are something you can improve with target keywords to make the page SEO-friendly:

3.1. Title and meta description: Go to your store admin > Online store > Preferences.



3.2. Headings: Include target keywords into heading tags when building the page.

3.3. Images' alt text: All images used within the page must have alt text with keywords included.



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Hi @Joshua2020 


I've had a look at your site and the shoe. The shoe looks very impressive and strong. On the site, I look the opening pictures of the shoe - looks great. However the subsequent features (puncture resistant etc.) look squashed and would be better horizontally positioned on the site with more space. Similarly the pictures at the bottom are good quality but better to have them as a scrolling gallery as opposed to just being placed there. I'd say the same for your reviews (great that you've got reviews, as we're big on reviews at Syntellio), but they are all taking up a lot of space and would be better scrolling from one to the next. 


The wider thing I would say is I was confused who your target market for the shoe is. They initially look like sports shoes to me as the styling is actually very good. However, when I reviewed the YouTube video I thought wowzers, these are some strong shoes. To me they seem as though they are more shoes for workers in the construction industry or the do it yourself home improvements enthusiast who may be at risk of heavy things falling on their feet, or them stepping on nails.  If you have this nailed (excuse the pun) then I would make that clear in your messaging as better to go for a niche target market (at least at the beginning) than try to sell it to everyone. This will also help your marketing as you can market specifically to those in the construction / home improvements market. 


Hope this helps. 

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