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Hi guys,

Need some feedback on my store -

Getting quite a lot of traffic from google ads, facebook but no sales. Can anyone shed any light on why this could be, or any pointers?

Hi @RyanJack,


I'm Victor and want to share some changes that you can make for your store.


1. Home page

In hero section, you should add more high-quality image with Heading, subheading, and a Call to action. Tell customers what you are selling, your story.


2. Product page

Using 3-5 product images in multiple angels, in-scale image can increase customer experience. You can reorganize product description as a truncated description with accordion or load more. Shipping and Return policy should be included to increase credibility.


Please consider customizing your theme product pages more with a page builder, adding a slideshow, testimonial, videos, etc.

You can check this article for more information about how to increase the store conversion rate.


3. Menu navigation should have About Us, Blogs


Instead of listing them in footer, you can add items in your Header theme, About Us page should have more attention rather than just a few plain text in footer. Eventually, it will increase credibility for your store.


Menu navigation should be sticky to allow visitors to get back to home anytime.


I hope you can find something helpful in my answer,







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Hello RyanJack


Firstly, congratulations on your store! I hope you're well and safe in these difficult times. 


Secondly, sometimes users need a slight nudge, an incentive to view your products and then be convinced to buy your products. Common things that help with this are - 

  • Urgency/social proof/promotions badges on your products. These could be in the form of free/safe shipping or gifting to someone. Apps like ModeMagic help you add that urgency to your products.
  • You could have some testimonials or personal notes from people who love your brand. It helps in establishing trust and puts a human face to your brand.
  • Highlight your main selling point - handcrafted and exclusive designs. Like most people, I too would want my clothes and accessories to be exclusive. I'd be very excited to share/gift something so special to my loved ones too. So showcase it. 

I hope this helps!




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