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Hi everyone! My fiance and I just launched, a boutique clothing store. We have been running 10 dollars a day facebook ads (optimizing for landing page views) for 3 days and are starting to see at least 80+ people on our store each day with a $.28 cost per landing page view and a 2% click through rate. However the sessions don't seem that long and only 1 person has added to their cart. We are hoping to get at least 15-20 add to carts before moving to the 'add to cart' campaign funnel.


We would love any feedback we could get on our store and how we can improve or things we can try! A link to the store is above and I'll attach some screenshots as well.


home pagehome page

Home Page - scrollingHome Page - scrolling

Product page initialProduct page initial


Product page descriptionProduct page description



Product page ScrollingProduct page Scrolling

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Hi there, @JustinHoughton


First of all, you have a great start at the store. It looks polished and professional, so kudos for that! Now let’s see what we can do to drive more conversions.

First thing off the bat, the banner with the promo code is linked to your free shipping exclusions page. Before you do anything, update it! Also, make sure it’s available on all of your pages. Right now, it’s only on the homepage. By the time I got to a product page, I completely forgot about it. 


As requested, let’s dive into your product pages. A few major issues stand out first:

  • Get the sizing chart into a chart format instead of text, and add inches instead of just centimetres. As it stands right now, it’s hard to read and in measurements American customers aren’t used to. 
  • Is the cost in US dollars? How do I switch the currency?
  • Where are the other sizes? Is it just made in L or XL in this item, or are the other sizes out of stock? This would be a good opportunity to offer an email when their size is in stock.
  • What does shipping cost? Customers don’t like surprises, so including all shipping costs up front will help customers. 


Have you used heatmaps before? Heatmaps show you where people click (or not click) and how far they scroll. Because your product page has large hero images, I would be curious what the heatmaps show here.

Do people see the images and not scroll?
Do they click on the images assuming they are linked?
Where are they clicking?


I know you’re running Facebook ad campaigns, but if that extends to Instagram or multiple images within that campaign, you can also analyze if different traffic interact differently. Maybe the people who click more are from one specific ad set. 


As a follow-up, I would suggest watching session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website. You could see exactly what happened during a visit. Again, what do customers do on your product pages? Where are they confused?

Another issue I’m seeing is that there’s an inconsistency here with your menu bar in addition to your hamburger menu.  On your homepage, it’s below the hero image. On your collection pages, it’s above the images. On your product pages, it’s gone completely.

While I saw a messenger chat on your homepage, there’s no chat on the product pages at all. You have to have a chat, and it should keep customers on your site while they have questions instead of taking them off your site with Messenger. 


You’re in need of a live chat system that is:

  1. Available on all of your pages
  2. Engaging and inviting them to chat
  3. Offers auto invites so the system will automatically ask people to chat if they meet certain criteria, like spend 30 seconds on a page. It helps you spot those people who are having issues. 


The homepage is something that needs some direction. I like that you have a clear hero image, and you include a CTA. As I scroll down, I see the menu bar below the hero image. If you use session recordings, you could see if people are using it or going to the hamburger menu. You need to make a clear path to the conversion.


Next, you jump into the products. I would evaluate it with heatmaps to see if people are clicking on it or if they are jumping to product collections. If they’re going to product collections instead of scrolling, consider replacing these items with collections instead. 


Also, don’t forget to link the email addresses across your site. I’ve seen a lot, like in your refund policy, that aren’t linked. Similarly, there’s no contact page or information. You want people to be able to get in touch with you and not have to scramble to find out how to reach you.

Navigation needs to be addressed. On your collection pages, you are visually awesome. The photos pull you in, and the interactive quality is a nice touch.That being said, there’s no way to filter it. Give customers a chance to search by color, available sizes, cost, material, etc. it lets them find what they are looking for.

To wrap it up, you have good bones of a website. There’s a lot for you to be proud of! Visitor behavior is going to help you find new ways to improve your website and grow your business. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, recordings, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.


Good luck! 


Cheers - 


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