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My store gets very little sales at all.  I think I have spent over $400 dollars of advertising and made just over $25 dollars in sales (A lot of that was free + shipping with some upselling on the checkout).

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Hi Derek,

I took a look at your store and here is what I think.

You should get a favicon (icon for the tabs in web browsers). It will make the store look more professional.

The message about shipping "Free Canada & UK Shipping $200 & Ups" is not very clear. You should use clear language there. Try "Free Shipping to Canada & UK for Orders Above $200"

You should make a separate page for shipping info. The way you have it the info is very short. Tell the visitors where do you ship, how long does it take and how much will it cost.

On your collection pages, why do you have the "Checkout securely with" in the middle of the products? It kind of breaks the flow of the page. Some people might even think that you only have the first 4 products of the category. You should move the message to the end.

The two items you have on the bottom of your pages "Gift ideas for him" and "18K Gold Bracelet" should be clickable but are not. You should connect them to the products they promote or remove them.

The "Shop the collection" buttons in your banner slideshow do not work. They take the visitor only to the top of the page, not to the products.

The phone number you have very much does not appear legit. I would leave the store immediately if I would see that on any site. You should put up the real number or take the information down. 

You should think about running retargeting ads also. They will help you bring back the people that come to your store but do not make a purchase. That will help you utilize the traffic that you are bringing by other ads. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy app for that.

Hope it helps.