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Would you guys mind giving me some feedback on my store? My conversion rate is really low.

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Hi, @rublous!  

You’ve put a lot of hard work into your store, and it shows. Now let’s see what we can do to get that conversion rate higher.

I see you’re using Lucky Orange. I’m one of the founders of Lucky Orange, and I’m glad to see you’ve been able to use visitor behavior insights to help understand why those visitors aren’t converting.

A few places I would start is in the dashboard:

  • Look at your devices first. This is going to be helpful as you go through the rest of an evaluation. If the majority of your visitors are from mobile, you can analyze heatmaps for the mobile view to prioritize and focus your energy on the data that is going to make the most impact. 
  • If you use behavior tags, you can also filter it down to see how many of your customers come from mobile vs. how many of your total visitors come from mobile. Again, you can use this to narrow in on possible bottlenecks or pain points. Here’s a video a colleague made that looks at a Shopify merchant who found major mobile-related issues that were killing his conversions:

Moving on to the homepage

  • Your homepage is less like a homepage and more like a landing page, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I would run a scroll heatmap to see how far people are scrolling (what information do they see?) and click heatmaps to see where they are clicking. 
  • For the newsletter subscription form: The email field itself is hard to see because it’s either missing or light gray on a light gray background. I would make that stand out a little bit more and add a bit more value to it, like a 10% off discount. I’ve seen some Shopify merchants launch polls based on behavior (i.e., viewed product or added to cart) to invite the visitor to join the newsletter at that point. Since it’s triggered based on behavior, it’s inviting a visitor when they are already interested in your brand.
  • Watch some session recordings to see how people are using your page. Do they order it from your homepage, or do they go to a product page? Where and how do they click? If you use behavior tags, you could set up conversion funnels to see the customer journey a bit easier and jump to recordings at any stage in the funnel. 

Since you don’t know what could be causing the low conversions, just ask. Launch a poll that says something like, “Is there anything that stopped you from checking out today?” to isolate and identify possible issues. 


  • Newsletter: Again, like I mentioned earlier, think of different ways to promote the newsletter and give it value. If a first-time visitor isn’t sure about whether they want to buy your product, they probably aren’t sure if they want to join your newsletter. 
  • Terms of Service: Link the email address. 
  • Privacy Policy: Link the URLs and email address.
  • Shipping Info: Is there anyway to help visitors calculate the shipping costs? 

Communication & Contact

  • Contact us page: Link your email address and add a basic form (name + email + message).
  • Chat: Let’s talk about chat. Since you already use Lucky Orange, you have access to live chat. It’s included in all plans and trials. If you use Lucky Orange live chat, you can 
    • Use auto invites, which automatically send a chat invite when someone meets your criteria. This can include something like “added a product to the cart but didn’t checkout within two minutes.” 
    • Help customers while they are still on your website. They don’t have to leave your store to get an answer; you can answer their questions before they leave. 
    • You can co-browse with them, which is a really neat way to show them on their own screen where to go for the information.


  • Your navigation is really clean and simple, which I like.
  • Check out a heatmap to see where people click on your main navigation bar. Consider moving the lower-clicked pages to the footer. I would suggest an FAQ page here to help answer visitor questions as well, such as links to the mobile apps. Even though it’s on your product description, it would be good to highlight it as well. 
  • Have you considered a user gallery of ideas? Looking at your reviews, it was great to see so many ways to set up your product. It may be fun to feature the different ideas of your users.

Product Page

  • The only thing I would suggest here is to add in shipping costs or a way to calculate it before checkout. Considering shipping is free where I live, that would be a good thing to point out before checkout. Some people may be more interested in buying if you highlight that free shipping during their buying decision rather than in checkout.

You have a great store here, and I know that visitor behavior is going to help you grow your store and business. I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if I or my team could be of any assistance.

Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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