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Hi! Can you review my store please? I noticed that a lot of people are adding items to the cart, but not actually purchasing. Thanks!


Here are some ways to make your store even better


Homepage Feedback

  1. I would remove your contact us, FAQ & about us from the main menu. Also, have catalog and categories on the main menu is redundant. Just have links to your main categories instead

  2. Carousels have been proven to kills conversions rates . I would limit the humber of image sliders you use if you wan to keep this on your homepage

  3. I would add your shipping, return/refund, FAQ, sizing chart and other important links to your footer

  4. Add a section for customer reviews just about the footer. This is a great way to help show social proof and build trust

  5. I would tweak all the coupon codes at the top of your page. Maybe have this as a delayed popup after someone has been on the site for 60 seconds

Product Page Feedback

  1. Try to make all your product images have a theme / style consistency as some now feature a model and other just a product. Plus also try to have 3 - 5 images per product page.

  2. Add your shipping and return/refund as links on each product page. This is something customers look for

  3. I would move your sizing chart on this tee to a new page that you created called sizing chart. Right now that sizing chart is not formatted correctly and forces a scroll bar even on my 13"mac

  4. Add longer product description where possible as this is how you sell more product. Plus it can help with your SEO

  5. Add a section of most viewed/bought products to the bottom of every product page. You want to keep people on your site as long as possible

  6. Add a section for customer reviews on product pages once you get enough to display them. This helps build trust

Keep making improvements to your store.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Hi there! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)


Consider reducing the size of the header area - it takes a lot of space unnecessarily in the ‘above the fold’ section of your website. Make sure to add more links to your top menu - you can add here About, Contact and FAQ. Consider also renaming ‘Categories’ to ‘Shop’ - it gives an indirect call to action prompting people to click and shop; ‘Categories’ is a very neutral tone of voice, which is not perfect when you want to invite people to browse and shop on your website.


Adding CTAs helps you design stronger sales funnel [customer journey] improving your conversion rate [sales].


Consider adding a title to your featured collections section below:

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 13.10.59.png


You can add a title: ‘Shop our latest T-shirts and Hoodies’ which adds a CTA and SEO-friendly and defined title.

The collection names as displayed over the T-shirt with a slogan make both of them hard to read - consider either displaying the collection title below the image, or use different images [with no slogan] here instead.


Consider also adding more content to your homepage - it feels a little bare - you can add 6-9 featured products, promo with one of your discount codes or add a hero image at the very top - right below the main menu. It will create engagement, and give your visitors more content to interact with, which will in return help you improve your conversion rate and dwelling time [time people spend browsing your website, which is important for SEO].


Your collection ‘Nurse Tees’ - is it targeting only nurses? I think it’s a great niche, just make sure you research this niche to learn what designs are loved by your target customers. Also, consider adding phone covers into a separate collection, it’s much better for SEO and user experience to separate the T-shirts and other items.


Your Casual Tees collection is great - consider also adding more products here. The bigger the selection you have, the more chances for a sale.


Product page - consider optimizing the layout in order to display the ‘Add to Cart’ button above the fold. Currently the button isn’t visible as a visitor lands on this page:

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 13.40.11.png



Your header area, product title font, merchant font, price etc. all have super large fonts and take a lot of space on the page, making the rest of the content get pushed down the page. This makes the ‘Add to Cart’ button disappear from view, which may affect your conversion rate. You’d want this key info displayed above the fold, to improve the easiness of buying from you. Make sure to decrease the size of the header area [as mentioned earlier] and reduce the font sizes of the elements mentioned.


Your About us page is authentic and unique. Consider also adding more content here - it’s great for SEO, as Google loves plenty of written content. Make sure to have at least 500 words on this page. Also optimize it with SEO friendly H tags, internal and external links, compress the images, add alt tags and link tags, add Geotags, optimize Google snippets, make your URLs SEO friendly and more. It’s essential to optimize your website from the very start [or as early as possible] to help you rank quicker for your target keywords. If you’re not sure how to do it, please check this FREE video course: How to SEO your website and get to Google #1 in 3 Months.


Add your image here - you tell visitors about you, which is fantastic, and you will build a rapport with your visitors even further if you displayed your photo here. Trust is vital online to improve your conversion rate, as people prefer shopping from people and brands they feel a connection with.


FAQ - you mention your shipping is free for a limited time - consider specifying when the free shipping offer ends, as it builds more authenticity and trust and will prompt visitors to take action now to benefit from the offer. Also specify how much the shipping will be after the offer is over.


Refunds - make sure to add this page as well, to inform what are your policy terms. You can include here info on how long is your policy, how can people return their items, can they return used products, how will you deal with items lost in the post etc. Also, include your email address here, so people can contact you with their request. See How to write a returns policy [with examples].


Your SEO score is 58/100 - not bad for a new website. You have defined target keywords, which is great. You have great niche, as I could see on your About us page, and your website, homepage and collections don’t reflect that yet. You mentioned nurse tees in few places, but you should have all website colors, branding, promo images to be consistent, so a brand new visitor can tell within few seconds that you are selling nurse tees and accessories.


I recommend working on this, and also add a blog telling about your story, new collections and new products to engage with your target customers and build a rapport.


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Best regards,


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