Store went live 4-1/2 months ago, still no sales.

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Instant Interior Design went live at the beginning of May with residential finish palettes, commercial palettes were added in the beginning of June, and decor palettes were added three weeks ago. I had hoped that the decor palettes might be more enticing during COVID with their lower price point and likelihood that people might be more apt to want to freshen up their homes but not necessarily dive into a remodel right now. I've only had one Add to Cart and no sales since May. While I've tried to tell myself that COVID might be playing a part in my lack of sales, the booming housing market makes that hard to believe. 


Since it's start, I've run a couple of Instagram and Facebook ads but stopped those several months ago (I really don't want to give FB any of my money). I have active Pinterest ads that do drive traffic but have yet to convert; I'm working with Pinterest to make sure the ads are prime. At this time, it's hard for me to do any additional advertising even at low cost, but understand I need to enlarge the audience. I've also run several sales and a few free gift card giveaways. 


As far as recent changes, besides the noted inventory additions above, I added the wishlist feature this morning. 


I'm grateful for any feedback you can give. I am working on this site on my own so any simplified information, i.e. HTML info goes whoosh over the head, is much appreciated.

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I am not an expert but here is my honest opinion. 

The genre and the site doesn't match. Homepage fails to impress me. It is an interior decoration site but acts like a clothing store.

I checked it out on my mobile and the site doesn't have anything to offer. No interactive zoom feature, no comprehensive details. Only good thing about it is navigation which is smooth but it wouldn't count much if your site doesn't look professional.

My suggestion is to upgrade to a premium theme or hire an expert to build an interactive professional theme. You need to invest into description and details. 

Sorry if sounded harsh but you need an honest opinion. 

Take care and good luck 

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Hi akki182,


Can you elaborate on what you think an interior design store would look like? I will take a look at the mobile site features vs. desktop; I admittedly built on desktop and did not dive into mobile as much as it sounds like I should. The theme is premium so it sounds like maybe it's not so much that I need a premium theme, just that you'd prefer a different one. Since all the items have descriptions and details, is there something specific you're looking for that isn't included? 


Doesn't sound harsh at all, I asked for opinions and appreciate your feedback. 

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Hey there, @amanda_iid!

I understand the frustrations you have. You put so much effort into the store only to see no conversions. Let’s see what we can do.

Before we start...Visitor behavior is going to play a huge role in finding out what visitors think. Tools like heatmaps (to see where people click) and session recordings (to watch what happened during a visit) will show you why people are leaving while tools like polls and chat will help you get feedback from your visitors.

Back to your store. 

First impression: I like the overall concept of your store, but your hero image is confusing. I would simplify it to make it easier to understand. The rotating images aren’t working and draw away from learning more. I like your general idea, but it’s still confusing. It’s missing some crucial information, like a budget. 

If I’m redoing my basement to support the Royals, I’m not going to buy just a palette. I’m going to want to do research on the best prices or what budget I should have. It seems to be missing that important personalized detail. 

Homepage:Overall, I think there’s a step in here that’s missing. I think it’s great that you have preset palettes. Having just remodeled our company office ourselves in 2019, we were there! That being said, if you’re attracting people from Pinterest, I’m curious if they expect this to be a free service or lower priced. 

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Use a scroll heatmap to see how far people are scrolling down your page. What information are they seeing or missing?
  2. Use a click heatmap to see where people click. All by one of your hero images is missing a CTA button. You need to invite your visitors to engage instead of assuming they’ll click on it.
  3. Again, I would limit your hero image to one rather than all.
  4. “What is Instant Interior Design?” - This is fine information, but it’s taking up valuable space on your homepage. Is there a better way to convey the process? Would a graphic be better in explaining everything? This is so much text, and I doubt many people read it.
  5. Video: I really like that you have incorporated a video!

Navigation: This is where visitor behavior could really guide you. You want to see where people are clicking and not clicking. This may be a situation where you would benefit from having two stores - one featuring commercial palettes and the other for residential palettes. 

I also get confused the more I look at your navigation. What is Interior Design Now? What is Instant Interior Decor? Simplifying this would be very helpful, and you may find that you keep the FAQs in the main navigation while moving others (i.e., Interior Design Now) to a different page or the footer. 

Use session recordings to watch what people are doing on your website. Once they get to your site, where do they go? 

Collections: I like that you have the palettes separated, but you need to do more here. For reference, I’m on the Sports Cave Palette. 

  • There’s no way to search for a team or color! 
  • The photos aren’t helpful. When you add that this color is for a rug or an accent wall, that makes it easier to digest than just an assorted collection of prints and colors. 
  • Why limit the quantity? I’m assuming you want to build scarcity, but I don’t think it works here.  
  • You may be assuming too much here, which is why a poll would help tremendously to learn more about your visitors. If most of your visitors have never used a designer, they won’t understand what you’re selling. Is $300 for product suggestions a deal? How would they know? To a new visitor who has never seen anything like this, they wouldn’t understand what $300 is getting them. 

Product Pages: For reference, I’m looking at the Sports Cave Pro Baseball Missouri #1. 

  • I like that you’ve put so much effort into the description. That is so great!
  • I’m still not sure what I’m getting here. If $300 is what I’ll pay just for the palette information, how much will the materials cost? 
  • Understanding your audience may be the biggest help for you. If you’re attracting a lot of normal Joe’s and Jane’s, your price point and lack of clarity on what you provide may be hurting sales. They may be wanting to spend $200 total for a room makeover and not be open to spending $300 just for your suggestions. On the flip side, if you have people who are willing to spend a little extra, it may be an opportunity to personalize an option just for them. 

Overall, I would highly recommend stepping back and letting visitors show and tell you what they think. You may need to make some tweaks, simplify some processes or clean up the overall idea to make it easier to digest. You’re so close, and I know you’ll hit your groove here soon. 

Visitor behavior will play a large role in determining what’s stopped them from converting. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, chat, polls and more with a free trial (no credit card required) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps - good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Hi Amanda,

Yes, I just checked it on laptop just now and It doesn't look too bad but still I am honest to my opinion that it doesn't match with your niche.

Firstly, I would suggest to work on the mobile version of the site if you are going to stick with this theme as almost 70% of the traffic is from mobile devices and that's huge. Now, As I mentioned earlier, it does look like a clothing store website. A site of your niche needs to have a full page high resolution images which would give me an idea of how this thing would actually look on the walls or on given location as a customer. A reference image would go a long way in that case. As for the description, they are brief and generic and doesn't touch the aesthetic feel of the product which would work fine for a clothing store but not for your niche. The aesthetic value is key in your product so description i expect to be detailed with images and features with different variant and settings. Think how a brand describe their products on amazon. Lastly, the themes I think would match your niche is cascade, responsive or impulse from shopify themes. As for your reference, "" Check these out.

I know, all of these things are huge and time consuming and expensive. So don't take my word for it and do consult an professional. It was my honest opinion as a visitor. 


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Hi LuckyDanny,


Thank you for your response. I will definitely add (embed?, don't know, haven't actually heard of either LOL) heat mapping and session recordings to learn more about visitors. I'll check out Lucky Orange, thank you!


I understand your concerns about budget but there is no way for me to include that, construction materials are priced differently throughout the US, and I include an explanation of that in the FAQs. The product I sell is the design only, it is up to the customer to do the pricing research on their end. I can't give information on what the product is before purchase or I'm giving everything away. Also, one customer might be remodeling a 900 SF basement while another is only remodeling a 400 SF room; the budgets would be different based on the overall sizes and the size of each component within the space (larger wet bar means more backsplash). I'm able to include budgets on the decor palettes because the customer would be purchasing everything online, it's super easy to provide that information. Do you think that maybe a video would be better than just the written information on the FAQ page? 


I can definitely move information on what IID is to an about page instead. Is there something specific on the homepage you'd like to see that I can utilize instead of the rotating graphics? I have thought about a graphic instead of text, and am utilizing the video as a bit of a sub on that; I will dive farther into what a graphic could be. Instant Interior Decor is another collection type and can be used in either residential or commercial projects, it's all just decor, so it doesn't fit within either of the other collections. Interior Design Now is a blog; do you recommend changing the navi label to just Blog instead? 


Can you elaborate on the search function you're looking for? There is docked search bar on the site that works for any descriptors including color. I do not show any team names because I don't want to get into the weeds with copyright issues so no, you cannot search by specific team name; I wouldn't feel comfortable changing that without getting a lawyer involved to make sure everything is copacetic. I included the image with no text first so the text colors don't impact someones view of the finishes; do you think I should switch the first and second images so the text is included on the collection pages? 


The quantity is limited to add some level of uniqueness to the product. If it is unlimited, I am concerned potential customers would start feeling like every design is cookie cutter. Obviously, since all homes and offices aren't the same and the customer dictates where each material goes, their remodel will never look like someone else's. IID is less expensive than hiring an interior designer, but in going the less expensive route, a customer would give up some uniqueness. As fees vary across the US and design firms individually, and the time it would take to complete a project varies, there's not a great baseline comparison to provide. I can give something with a wide range but it might not provide enough specific info to be helpful. 


Again, thank you for your input. I hope I didn't pepper you with too many follow up questions. 

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Awesome, thank you for the follow up, akki182! As I move farther into refining the site, I will definitely work on the mobile design as well. I quite like the theme recommendations you noted and will look at those as I continue to revise the site. Thank you!