Suggestions **SEO** for my NEW website + looking for partners/Helpers + Opportunities

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my website :


I just launched and looking for input ; please give me quick ways to install stuff/ what funnel/actions you would do for Tidio chat or other parts of website?


Also looking for someone who knows about SEO/Traffic generation; where would you start to get some traffic?

-Social Media : where first and what would you post?

-Blogs : where can I find list of bloggers who would do back-links?

-SEO/Tweaks I can do on my website? ==> Meta Description + Title; how long, and is this the only customizable thing that can be done or is there something that can be done in HTML or inside liquid code (to add other keywords + phrases)?


Are public Blogs/Forums worth to post on?

I would also want to get your opinion on my products; I'm kind of in between of trying to hit medium-sized businesses but at the same time trying to get smaller businesses; however my main focus is BIG businesses and corporations/franchises.

So curious to know what should be my stance in my position and how would you start your website if you were selling Commercial grade LED lights.

All opinions are appreciated; I'm mostly looking to make changes that do not involve me doing a lot of code.

Most important: how's the speed of the website :)?

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Nick here from Shopify. 


First of all, I just want to say, you've done a great job with your site so far. It looks very clean, professional, easy to use and it's clear on what you are selling. I recently installed the Tidio chat on my own store actually and it seems to be great so far. The Tidio app makes it easy to keep up with any messages on the go and you could also edit the color of the app to match your brand. For example, if you wanted to make the chat icon black to match your store more you can. I did this for mine and it matches my store branding much better. I also saw when someone goes to chat in you ask for their email address, is there a particular reason for this if you don't have a customer login for the site? It might seem like an extra step for the customer chatting in. 


Let's take a look into the questions you asked and some potential marketing and SEO techniques:


  • Social Media - This is something that is different for every business worldwide. Some businesses completely rely on social media while others might not as much. Because your business seems like it would be mainly B2B, it might be good to maintain a social media presence but not spend ad money on social media marketing. I would still recommend having a social media presence though. 
  • SEO - Figuring out your SEO and a strategy for it. I don't see a need to add any keywords to the HTML or liquid, there are many ways you can add keywords without having to edit or add to the code. One way to help with your SEO is through a blog. As you touched on backlinks are a great way to help with this. Something else you can look into is using an SEO app from the Shopify App Store. There is a good mix of both free and paid SEO apps to help you with keywords for each page and product. 
  • Blog - You asked about if Blogs/ Forums are worth posting on. This is something which similar to social media would be very subjective by industry. I wouldn't be very familiar with blogs surrounding the lighting business personally. But if there are some, I would highly suggest being active in them, and if there are not very many, maybe you could take charge of that and make your blog the go-to place of the industry. Maybe you could create some top 10 lists of different lights and information about them. 

You're products look good and seem professionally laid out. I especially like the part of your homepage where you show the different brightness of the lights with the numbered kelvin below them, feels like a great touch. The speed of the site also seems to be pretty solid, nothing to worry about there. 


I hope this helps. You are in a great place and put yourself to where you can focus on marketing and reach via SEO and build your brand name. Is there anything else on your mind with this? We're here to help. 


All the best, Nick



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Dear LEDD,


Congratulation for your store. We have gone through your store and hope the following suggestion will help you.


1. Optimize your store loading speed for mobile and desktop

2. In social media: use instagram

3. Use google operator to find list of blogs


There are other areas you need to work

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