Suggestions for my shopify store

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I have had lots of add to carts and checkout but no sales, how can I change this?


My website address is

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Hi @myfineempire1,


This is Brian from Magnet Audit.


I took a quick look at your Shopify site and identified a couple of areas you might want to focus on in your next round of updates:


1. Focus - Your brand is too all-encompassing. They way you're set up now, you're competing directly with Amazon, and you won't win that fight. You'll need to find a more narrow focus (camping gear, electronics, etc.) and then re-brand yourself to fit that niche. The more specific you can get, the better (camp chairs only, etc.). 


2. Honesty - It's hard to believe that you've actually been flying all round the world to locate this products. Even if that's totally true, and I'm not saying it's not true, no one will believe you because you've spent thousands on plane tickets but zero dollars on a decent logo. So then right off the bat, you've got customers who are afraid that you're lying to them, and fearful customers always leave. That might explain why you're getting cart abandons. 


A full audit would turn up additional areas to focus on, if you get through with the above and would like to try a full audit, you can message me directly or visit our website to learn more.


All the Best!



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