Summus would love your feedback, pretty please

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Hi everyone!

We launched today our site: .

We use Shopify to power the eCommerce espcially the backend functions like fulfillment and we are using ReCharge to manage the recurring/subscriptions.

We integrated on our own hosted demain since we wanted a very particular flow and the ability to lots of A/B testing. Also we are a subscription service vs. many shops that sell one time.

We used the Shopify/ReCharge cart for checkout.

We would love any and all feedback from you guys. Don't hold back! Fire away and teach us.

Thank you, Jason


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Hi Jason, 

Looks great, really well laid out, clear product infomation.

Clear journey apporach which is nice. Don't see why this wouldnt convert once you have traffic goign to it. 



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Thank you.  We have started to convery, which is really exciting!  The experience of integrating a subscription model into Shopify was exciting. It's a little out of the box, but works fine now.