The most brutal feedback you can give would be appreciated, need pure honesty.

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Site is


It's been up for about 10 days now and I just want to make sure everything is alright with it. If there's any feedback (honest and brutal!) that you guys can give me it's greatly appreciated. Also any advice with SEO, Facebook marketing, Google ads or running a store in general would be great.


I don't know when I should expect my first sale, or how to get more people to my site, so if anyone has advice there i'd really appreciate.


Thanks a lot.

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Hey @WorkoutsMatter! Here are 3 suggestions for your site SEO.


Write longer content


It seems most, if not all of your product pages, have too little content on them, try to increase it and include some keywords you think people would use to search for your products, without keyword stuffing. Here is a nice article from Shopify about product descriptions: Product Descriptions


Check your Meta Descriptions


Some of your Meta Descriptions seem to have spelling mistakes or other issues, for example, one of your Meta Descriptions ends in "... rust!Function: ArmsApplication: Spring Chest Dev". People will read this when you start ranking on Google search results for long term keywords and might cause lower CTR (click thru rate) on your pages.


Improve your ALT text on images


Seems some of your ALT text on your images is duplicated, sometimes 8 times on your pages, this might not be too bad, but in case you can take advantage of having multiple images and add different versions of your product name.


Also if possible add an HTML sitemap as a page on your Shop.


Hope those help :)

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Cheers I really appreciate that.

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Hope that helps, good luck!

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi there!

Don here from Shopify. :)

For the most part, your store looks great, is well put together and professional in appearance.

Just a couple of tiny things I would look into again if I were you.

Most stores will capitalise the 'Us' in 'About Us' as this is a title of sorts when used in your store's menu so it's actually correct to capitalise the second word in the title of a page or menu so you can change this to 'About Us' from 'About us'.

I'm a little unsure of this section myself personally:


You might want to consider expanding on the explanation of these sentences. It could be something that you end up writing blog posts about and linking back to, just at the moment in and of itself it's not super clear to me what the purpose of this section is. :)

Finally, for now, you might consider adding a contact form to your contact page to make it easier for customers to reach out to you!

There's a handy enough customisation there on our help site that you can use to add a form to your contact page so that customers have an even easier way to reach out to you about your store. :)

All the best!


Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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