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Started about 3 days ago, ran 1 test ad, small scale and one slightly bigger at $11 on fb - got reach and engagement but nothing much else.


Looking ingo Google PLA atm and tweaking the sizing chart.


The site has a nice simple design, which is great to help show off the rings. I spent time running ads globally for ASOS, which included their jewelry section. My feedback will be based on that experience for marketing to the USA, UK, Australia and EMEA market.


  1. Your homepage image is great. I would still try to make it smaller, so it does not take up so much valuable real estate. This is import for people on a mobile phone or smaller laptops.

  2. I would move your mission statement down, that way you can move your features products higher. That is what people came here to see on your site.

  3. Could you feature other rings, signets and stones in your feature collection? Add some colour to that section to make it pop more. Also helps show off your variety of product

  4. Are signets and stones different enough that you could turn this into two collections? Just an idea as a first time visitor

  5. Link to the sizing guide you have in the footer... on each product page. You don't want someone buying the wrong size and having to deal with returns. Don't be afraid to make the sizing guide bigger, so it's easier to read. Or even let people download it as a PDF.

  6. Once you get customer reviews... display it on product pages. Start to ask for reviews as you get customers. This will help build more trust.

  7. Link to the shipping and return/refund policy on each product page. Don't assume people will look at your footer.

  8. Product images; they seem all over the place. Many I looked at start with a studio white background image, then all more to more outdoor/staged photos. Try to keep this consistent as it's going to help build your brand and say who you are. Jewelry is just as competitive as watches and you need to make sure everything screams your brand

  9. Not a huge thing but I might beef up your About Us page add more content.

Doing the above will take your store to the next level. Hope you found this helpful, if you did then please click "like" below to let me know.

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Hi @levon 


Just saw your website.
Below is feedback which is important keeping in mind buyer behavior in jewelry industry as i have worked in this industry.
1. Are your silver products Rhodium polished ( so it does not tarnish ) 
2. The silver is Italian silver please mention that on product details page. The reason is people check every detail before buying any kind of jewelry ( silver or gold) 
3. Also please place a picture of the packaging ( how the people will receive the product after purchasing)
4. please place size chart link on all product details page. 




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I would get some products above the fold on the home page.  Your main banner takes up the entire page.  Just my .02