Timed Discount Shopify app - feedback needed

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Hi All,

I have developed a new Shopify app to help Shopify store owners to improve their conversion rate by creating ad hoc discount which is limited to a certain timeframe. 

Looking for some constructive feedback on the app functionality. You can see the app in action here: https://shopifytesta.myshopify.com/ - you should browse 2 pages for it to kick in. 

Once you view two pages, you will be presented a popup message indicating that you got a discount (text & discount type /rate are customizable). If the user does not accept the discount, a toast message will be presented to him during the entire lifetime of the discount). Once the user accepts the discount (only a click is needed), it will be automatically be applied upon check out process). 

The app is still not officially present in the Shopify app store as I would like to get initial feedback before uploading it. 
Your feedback is highly appreciated!

P.S. - I hope that I am posting this request in the right place (could not find a better place). 

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Does this work?  I"m looking for something like this.