Tons of Link Clicks, No sales!

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I've been running Facebook ads for my Sticker/Temporary Tattoo Store.

I have 300 link clicks, but only 80 Store Sessions. 

And worse of all, no sales!


Please help, be honest with me:


Thank you in advance,


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Hi Matt!

I used to have the same issue. 
The problem was that there are too many links and competitors on FB
You should perhaps start with getting some links on specialized sites. 
I used the help of guys from the "Reply" company.
It worked for me, you should try them too.

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Hey, Matt! 

Karlie here from the Shopify Guru Team! I would be more than happy to take a look at your website and offer some suggestions that will help you with conversions and sales! 

The first aspect of your website that I notice is your logo. Your logo is so unique and bold that I would love to see it placed in other parts of your website as well. Having a simple layout with a white background is fine, but you’ll want to look into other ways to customize your website and show personality. This can mean including your logo across more of your web pages, using a favicon so your customers can see your logo in their browser tab or even changing up your fonts to something bolder or with color. If you're looking for some resources that can help guide you in the right direction here, then be sure to check out; 

Since we're on the topic of graphics, I would like to talk to you a bit about photography, product images and graphics for your website. What I notice in a lot of images is that they look like stock images or photos taken from dropshipping websites that include text or graphics on the image. I would recommend getting some photography taken of your products, and even some lifestyle photos with models showcasing your products. If you're looking to take your own photography, then be sure to check out the The Beginner's Guide to Product Photography and 40 Tools and Resources For Creating Beautiful DIY Product Photography to help you along the way. 

When I scroll to the bottom of your page I see that there are quite a few icons and a 'Powered by Shopify' message. Now, keeping the message is completely fine, but some merchants like to remove it to show that their website is all about their own brand and business. To remove the 'Powered by Shopify' message, you will want to follow our step by step guide here! I would also recommend removing any icons that are not needed from your payment icons at the footer just to clean up the look of your website. 

The bones or structure of your website are great. I can see you have your product pages, policies and 'About Us' pages set up as well. I think having an ‘About Us’ page is a great way to show customers who you are and tell the story of how your business formed. Your ‘About Us’ page is a great first step, but I would try to elaborate on your story and include some more graphics or images to grab your customers attention. Take a read through our blog article, The Untapped Potential of About Us Pages (And How to Write Your Own) for some tips and tricks that can help your 'About Us' page be the best it can be. 

I would also recommend creating a 'Contact Us' page. Having a 'Contact Us' page shows your customers that you are open to assisting them with their orders or answering product questions - it's a great way for you to connect with your customers. The best way to set up a 'Contact Us' page would be to add a contact form so that your customers can submit a message to you and then you can get back to them at your convenience. We have a great guide to help walk you through that set up if you're finding you're needing some assistance. 

Since you had mentioned that you were running some Facebook ads with less than half resulting in a session, I would be happy to give you some tips to help you with marketing. Have you tried anything other than Facebook ads to grab your customers attention? 

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Shopify Guru

*Karlie* | Social Care @ Shopify
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You have a really interesting product which has a good price, an ok store with visitor recovery tools (exit engagement, countdowns). I don't know the market for stickers and temporary tattoos but it looks promising.

Its hard to give you feedback on the ad because you didn't say anything about it like the audience, the copy, the budget, etc.

You have a lot of review on your site and some products are sold out - when did you start your business?


Want to know how many Zombies visit your store or how Weather-dependent are your sales? We got apps for that -
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Thank you for your help guys, I am currently working on improving my store.

However, I discovered that the main problem is that I am getting my Ads Targeting wrong! The thing is, I'm having trouble targeting people that want to buy temporary tattoos. My Facebook ads might be too broad. Do you guys have any resources that could help me target the right audience for my store?


Thanks a ton,


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Hi Joseph, I took a look at your store and here are some tips.

The store design is very good. You did great work. But there are few mistakes.

When I click Shop now on the main banner it takes me only to a page with stickers. It should take me either to a page with all products or a page with collections. 

You should add a page with info about shipping. How long will it take, where do you ship, how much does it cost etc.

You should have at least 6 products in every category. It looks better.

The problem you describe in the forum is quite common. You will probably have a high bounce rate. Meaning that people click the ad but leave the site right away. But that is absolutely normal. Most stores have some bounce rate.

To raise the sales you should run retargeting ads. They will target the people that come to your site but don't make a purchase. This way gives you a chance to bring them back later and finish the sale. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy for that.

Hope it helps.

Ondra from ROI Hunter Easy team

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Overall, you have a nice website. You haven't had any sale yet? However, ou have tons and tons of reviews. ? There are too many... 


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