Tons of traffic no sales

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I’ve gotten over 500 site views but not a single sale? I’ve been running Facebook ads with lots of interactions

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Hi there Green Divine!

Your store looks great and the branding matches your niche. I love the collection page layout - clutter-free with large images, perfect.

The sales in a defined niche like yours often depend on the relevancy of the traffic coming to the website. You need to make sure that the visitors you get are already searching for your type of product, or if you use Facebook ads, make sure to have a great landing page with a time-limited offer, so people get this FOMO feeling, and buy there and then. Make sure that your offer appeals to your FB audience and is an "instinct purchase".

When it comes to generating more organic traffic [and not relying on FB ads], make sure to be active in the relevant online communities: people looking for organic plastic-free solutions. Build your brand awareness in these communities, connect with the members, be helpful and invite people to browse your website and find the products they need. 

Make sure to capture email addresses of your visitors as well to build your mailing list - regular newsletters can help you convert visitors who have already been to your website, but were not ready to buy. If you are present and in their "radar" they will buy from you once they're ready to make a purchase, as your site will be the first they will think of.

Hope it helps!


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