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Hello together


I know that such posts come daily but i would like to know what you think about my store and my niche in general. I sell Anime Phone Covers and some other merchandise. In the last 7 days i had 500 Online Store sessions, about 34 add to cart and 15 Checkouts. But like many others no sales. 


Do you think it's just a social proof issue? Should i invest some money into influencer? Maybe try Free + Shipping for some products? 


Maybe some of you got an idea how to improve my shop. Thanks for your time!


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Hi there,


You're absolutely right that social proof is important. However, before others start advertising your products, I think it's equally important to build a solid foundation so that incoming customers have the fastest and most pleasant shopping and checking out experience.

  • Your Home page leads directly to one product. That's the first thing people see, and that product may not be appealing for everyone. It then goes on to show many other products, and then the same situation with one product taking up a good chunk of the page. A better layout for your homepage would be a banner with clean, simple announcements, like sales offerings. You can also show a list of your best sellers, but right now the page feels very cluttered and not inclusive of your product range. Additionally, you can leave the About information to the About page for those who are interested. Remember to stay localized and focused for each page because that's what meets the needs of the customer.
  • I'd remove the list of categories from the bottom menu.
  • Your policy pages could be structured better as to increase readability.
  • The way you've worded your menu selections is slightly confusing. I would use "Shop by Anime" and "Shop by Product" instead.
  • The content in the website has some grammatical and syntax errors. It might be worth hiring a copywriter or someone to edit your written content.
  • I appreciate that the prices are normal prices and not things like "$5.71" and $132.09." This is a small detail that helps build the credibility of your store.
  • Some of the filtering options seem redundant, like "Vendor," "Collection/Tag," and "Title." Percent sale is a little off too. 53% percent off? That seems a little long handed.
  • It might be helpful to include a short description of what a "magic mug" actually is under the product selection and remove the arrow from the product images.
  • You would do well by tightening up the product title. The product page is actually pretty good, but the length of it could benefit from being a little shorter so customers get all the information they need right away.
  • You should use "case" instead of "cover." Case is the more universally recognizable of the two and what is traditionally used (think Casemate).


Overall, definitely not a bad site. I think you've got potential as long as you work on cleaning it up a little bit and differentiating it from your competitors. I like that you seem preoccupied with finding the right products for customers as that's already one step closer towards defining your brand and securing customers that last.


Hope this helps!

Marketing Specialist @ ShipMonk
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Hey, @Senpaai!


I'm a big anime fan myself so I appreciate your store.


I agree with @beaships's points. The 'above the fold'  (the top that people see immediately) of your homepage being a product also struck me immediately. I definitely recommend adding a header with a slideshow where you can more properly welcome visitors to your store. Its a bit jarring to be presented with a product right away. If you have an interesting header image talking about any sales you might have or new products. It's nicer to ease into the store instead of a product being pushed in front of your face right away.


Your Instagram account has some good engagement on it. Consider how you could incorporate your memes into your website so instead of it being only a place to buy products it can be a website people are interested in looking at because of it's good content. I think that would really help with generating interest in your products.

_Ash_ | Social Care @ Shopify
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