Traffic from facebook ads, but no sales

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I've been running facebook ads for quite some time now, there is traffic to my store, but no sales. Here's the link:


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Hi Dziugas,

I can see that you have information about shipping, Returns & Refunds, which are all very important to have and increase trust with shoppers. I had a quick look at your store and some of the pages and noticed that you have wonderful collection of products.


Here are some ideas you might want to consider or look at that could help getting more sales :

1) Provide Social pages links and you can also add Instagram feed for promotions.

2) SEO also plays a vital role as it helps your store to be in top of the search results and makes it more visible.

3) Customer testimonials should be added as they increase customer trust.


Hope above points will help you drive more sales :)


Kind regards,

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