Trying it again after a year on pause, please give honest review

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Hello all shopify users !

I created this shop 1 year ago with no experience. I managed to get 2-3 sales, but I invested much time on it and also spent like 200-300 $ on facebook ads. I got demotivated because I felt that my efforts were going nowhere. Now after a year, I am trying it again and redesigned my shop. I did not change the products however ( it's a dropshipping store btw) and I imported the reviews from oberlo. It' still on pause but you can see it. Before I launch the shop again, please give me an honest opinion of it , I appreciate any advice you could give me. 

Thank you for your time!


Hello @Ramin_Jurhat,


One of the many things you can change:


Home Page

Swap the sections around - "Most Popular" and "Our Mission".


Instead of "Pay us" -> "Here is why you should pay us", it becomes "Here is why you should buy from us" -> "Have a look at what you can buy".


Overall the design looks pretty good. Keep it up.

I can help pinpoint and fix the problems preventing you from making your first sale. I also help with Conversion Rate Optimisation:

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The store looks good but has a lot of blank space in it. The site is loading slow. It's pretty simple: the faster the speed of your website, the happier your visitors will be. Optimizing page load time leads to noticeable improvements in customer experience, conversion rates, and ultimately, your sales revenue. 

Get a favicon for a professional look. 

Favicons are the little piece of graphic that represents your brand on browser tabs, bookmark lists, search history, search ads, and even search results. Instead of importing reviews get the real ones. 

A review gives the power to either make or break the deal. They are, in a way, a major parameter that leads to the longevity of any eCommerce store. They help in trust-building and gives authenticity to the store. 

By making customers your priority, you can build a program that anticipates and exceeds their needs as soon as they join. By simply rewarding customers with discounts that shoppers will become more loyal to their business is entirely the wrong approach and will lead to customers walking away from your business. Instead, the focus should be on creating an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. Building this connection makes it more likely that they will visit your store again in the future. A great way to show your customers that you care is by offering birthday rewards. Make sure that they feel special and recognized for their membership. There are different ways you can use the loyalty and reward program. I would say It is a must to have.


Product reviews are more convincing when they’re plentiful. To encourage more feedback, don’t be shy about asking your customers to leave a review after making a purchase. Customers who are satisfied with your product often won’t consider leaving a review because everything is already fine. Give them a gentle push, and they’ll likely be glad to share their positive experiences with others.


You can incentivize them with loyalty points for leaving a review. Also, by offering buyers a small discount after they make a purchase if they leave feedback. You can give Loyalty Points for dropping a review. This will encourage them to come back for the redemption of those points.


For all these features you can use It has features like advanced email marketing, loyalty rewards, reviews + Q&A, web push notifications, workflow automation, smart pop-ups, announcement bar, chatbot, product recommendations, actionable analytics all integrated with each other and powered with Artificial intelligence. Everything that an eCommerce store needs at one place. 

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Here is some advice.

We started with dropshipping a year ago. We weren't profitable at the beginning. A month ago we launched our fourth shop. We used reddit as an advertising platform. From the app, we got the most from Oberlo and Reviify app, Import AliExpress Reviews Shopify

We used a paid theme that we think is important because of the design. We hired a professional photographer for pictures in the shop.