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 For improving the sales I recommend you to use Nextsale app. It is a very useful plugin that helps you to increase sales by converting leads to sales. It uses Social proof &Urgency tools. When you add it to your site FOR FREE, it will show comments of previous buyers. So when the visitors come to your site they will see real purchasers' comments. It will create brand trust in them and trigger them to buy your online service. You can use it for free from the beginning. You will see the benefits. It differs from its competitors in the market by having the best pricing ( the lowest) and all in one dashboard system. You do not pay separate costs for social proof and urgency. All content in one. 

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Hi @Anesiclothing 


Do you have Google Analytics installed?



- Andrew
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Hey @Anesiclothing,


Feel free to shoot me an email at samina@aitrillion.com. And I would be happy to assist you with my suggestions which will help you to increase your store engagement.




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