USD on my supplier app does not convert to GBP on shop! $20 IS NOT £20! HELP!

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My shop still cannot go live as the app suppliers AND shopify insist that whatever numerical amount i input for my items on the suppliers apps will always be the same numerical amount no matter the currency used on my shop! 

They truly believe its correct that $20 on the app using USD is fine to be shown, with no conversion by shopify, on my shop in GBP as £20!

How is this acceptable?  Do they live in a world where ALL currencies are the same rate?

am i living in the twilight zone?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can somebody with a brain just help me sort this out?! Theres no way im the only person experiencing this and i cannot find any real definitive answers on the community boards as so many post titles are just not correctly descriptive in order to search for the answers! im actually going out of my mind with this one and still cannot go live until this is sorted. I cannot even make a sample order or continue with the final works until this issue is sorted.

what is going on?

$20 IS NOT £20!

Its actually £14.68 right now.

My books would never balance correctly if i continued with this and went live. How would i ever match figures up from invoices if the exchange rate and conversion was ignored? Im just so stressed and frustrated now. 

if this is down to yet another hidden setting somewhere please somebody tell me!!!

as far as i can see all my shipping, checkout, zones etc currency set up is correct. 

I would like to give access to an expert for my account to check please. 

This is not something i should have to pay a developer to sort out. THIS IS NOT AN APP ISSUE ITS A SHOPIFY ISSUE! 

I have attached 2 screenshots of the issue. 1 of the item when priced in the app, and 1 of the same item in my shop. 


USD in the supplier appUSD in the supplier appGBP in my shopGBP in my shop



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Having issues with the currency difference, 

Since you already stated it in your writing, you will get an expert to get it done for you. 

Click to message me 

I understand that doesn't really go well with customers with that leverage 

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This is an accepted solution.


OK, so after days and days of getting no answers to this issue and struggling to find anything that was remotely similar on the forum here I have found the solution!

Albeit somewhat an indirect one, but a solution none the less.

After a lengthy chat today with Rochea on the support chat which was quite frustrating and causing further confusion she actually touched upon something that rang a bell with me and I soon realized I had already solved this issue once before without knowing. Urgh!

So, the issue was solved by simply installing the 'country/region' app called Geolocation supplied by shopify themselves, which baffles me even more that is was only Rochea that managed to actually mention it in the end. I had already installed this app once but removed it when i saw the footer in my store already had one.

the plot thickens...

the original 'country/region' selector in the footer wasnt set properly and once i had added the regions i wanted to display currencies in (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP) the regions appeared in the selector box and although im unsure if this also was part of the original issue i had, now, with the additional pop up 'county/region' box from the Geolocation app when opening the stores homepage the first time, i found they both actually converted the price amount correctly in which ever currency you selected.

also, heres another weird one, i had to actually change my stores base selling currency to match the suppliers (so that the GBP prices were converted when selected.) So im based in the UK and changed it from GBP to USD. This meant that all other currencies selected for the store converted correctly and was probably instrumental in the initial issue.

So bear that one in mind too!


such a simple fix yet nobody at shopify seem to be able to connect the dots.

also, when i requested that i speak to a technical manager i was refused this by shopify and they told me i should just only choose apps/suppliers that work in GBP if i want to sell in GBP!

yes, ridiculous answer considering one of the main USPs of having a shopify store is DROP SHIPPING from other countries and lets face it, mainly China, whom work with USD. Plus if you read any suggestions in the Shopify support info it states that you should keep the store in the currency relating to the country you are based in. (obviously not in this case!)

quite poor support and lack of answers from Shopify. One of the worst experiences of Shopify so far. 

so, to summarize; it was only the fact i needed to set my stores main currency in "general" settings to USD , AND set up the multiple currencies AND make sure i had a selector working in the footer (or header maybe), AND maybe even adding the Geolocation app too, just to be sure your customers see the selector upon entering your home page.

I hope it helps somebody else one day...

Solved! All good!