Unique store needs ideas of how best to help others.

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Poet Tree Poetry  sells merchandise for an app that is soon to be released. The app is a multiplayer game to create poetry by poets adding verses as tree branches that can be arranged into different versions of poetry while analyzing patterns to measure contribution. The goal of the company is to solve world problems through constructive and collaborative poetry and by only featuring merchandise that supports this type of poetry then hopefully this goal can be attained. Poets can create any type of poetry within private groups but only poetry of the best intentions will be shared and advertised for others to contribute. I'm using the Change Commerce app to donate 10% of sales to charity that can be chosen by customer and hopefully the app will be improved as they have planned so a different charity and amount can be set to each product. If people can be encouraged to buy merchandise so they get access to the private group then high prices can be charged for limited edition products with much of the proceeds going towards a charity but hopefully the shared poetic ideas can help even more.


Anyone have any questions or ideas to discuss how this can be done better?