Verification of my shopify store

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It's said to my Shopify home page your payouts from Shopify Payments are on hold while we review your account.

How long does it takes to review my account? 





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Welcome to the shopify family. Reviews and ratings of your products boost your trustworthiness immensely. Online shoppers can’t meet sellers in-person, so they rely on other buyers’ feedback to assess merchants. Ratings on product pages save consumers’ time by quickly showing what other customers think about the product.

Product reviews are more convincing when they’re plentiful. To encourage more feedback, don’t be shy about asking your customers to leave a review after making a purchase. Customers who are satisfied with your product often won’t consider leaving a review because everything is already fine. Give them a gentle push, and they’ll likely be glad to share their positive experience with others.

I can give you an advice on your descriptions if you want to customise your descriptions then you can use the application named Descrii.I am also using it since a very long time I hope it will also give you the better results as I am getting from it.


You can edit your description directly from the app using the provided rich-text editor with more features than Shopify's' own product description editor.


Here the link is -