Very high trafic, no sales.

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Hey friends, I recently opened my store . I get 132 visits, 5 add to cart and 2 checkout, but any sales. I puted my whatsapp number, mail and refound policy, I sell a good price, but, which is the mistake? plase help me friends, thanks.

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I just had look into your store, its looking Nice.
Where customers find your company and brand, So I suggest you can add about us page in your site.
And you can add your store blog, It works as a technique for pulling in a crowd of people since it gives something of significant worth to them before requesting anything consequently.
You can promote your items using Facebook page and Instagram, It helps to increase your sales.

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Hey, Santiago. 
Morgan here from the Social Media team at Shopify. 

Thanks for reaching out over the forums for some feedback. It's good to see you are getting some traffic to your store. Now that you have that traffic lets capitalize on the shoppers. One way to do this is to ensure the site is in tip top shape to build trust with your viewers. 

I have here a few ways to improve the site and build that trust. 

1. Make sure to proof read your pages. I noticed a few grammar and spelling mistakes. If you choose to show your site in English and if English is not your first language having someone proof read may be a good idea. Here's a few things i caught right away: 

2. Your product pages are where you give your sales pitch to your customers. I recommend reworking these to focus more on the product and less on the shops procedures and policies. If you would like to share that information as well I would make a dedicated page for that information. You don't want your product description too long or else your customers won't read all of it, and may miss something important. 

Here's also a really great post that helps craft a convincing product description.

3. Lastly, a few minor details in your footer to note. I recommend to keep the site to one language. It looks like there's a few places with other languages, like the footer. Also, your footer is showing a "follow us" section without any social accounts linked. I recommend adding your social media profiles to add that trust, or removing the section from the footer completely. 

I hope these tips find you well. Let us know if you have any questions on this! 

Morgan F 

Morgan | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Morgan! I very love your dedication. I would like you look at the store now, I fixed the tips. Very thanks.

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Hey Santiago. I took a look at your store and here is what I think.

You should get a logo. It is much more memorable than just plain text. It also appears more trustworthy than a store without a logo. 

You should also get a favicon (icon for the web browser tabs). It is a standard for any e-commerce site so without it, you might look amateurish.

The banner you have on your homepage is blurry. It is a simple text banner so it should not be hard to make a new one in a larger size so you can put it on the page without making it blurry. 

I count 8 bikes in 1/12, 6 in 1/18 and even 1 in 1/10. Yet in your collections, you have only 3 in 1/12 and 1 in 1/18. By not putting the products in the collections you are damaging your self. 

Your whole homepage is way too long. You should limit the number of products you have under Our deals. I would recommend 2 tops. Or make them smaller. Having long homepage means lots of scrolling which is never good. 

Your menu button should say home.

I did not find any information about shipping. Where do you ship? How long will it take and how much will it cost? People look for that kind of info before they make a purchase. You should make a page with that info.

If you have a lot of traffic you should start using retargeting ads. People usually don't make a purchase on the first visit. They need more time to think or make a research. Retargeting will help you bring them back. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy app for that.

Hope it helps.


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Yhanks Bro. I do use ROI HUNTER, i puted my google ads and add credits, but I don´t know if it´s working!

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I was reviewing your site and it looks really good. To make it better, I would like to list some things that you could improve for your site.

Home page:
- First when I was going to your site I thought that you're selling motorcycles, not diecast, please make that more clear.
- It's nice to have a logo and favicon because you're building your own brand.
- For the about us section, it's not clear to me what you're trying to deliver to your customer.
- I also see two 'contact us' boxes on your homepage and I am not sure which one to use for contacting you.
-In 'our collections' section, I see 1/12 and 1/18 above the motorcycle pictures but I wasn't able to understand what they meant at the first sight.
- Contact information should be on the bottom of your home page in addition to Contact us in the top bar.

Products page:
- I see SALES on every picture. Nothing is on sale if everything is on sale.
- Add to cart button is hard see as it is black button with blue text.
- I could not see ADD TO CART button when scrolling down on the product page.
I believe the buy button is the most important button on the product page, so it should be always visible. Take a look at the screenshot below, and notice how there isn't actually a buy button visible. I have an app that can help you with that.

By the way, I have an email course that can help you sell more products on your shopify store. Check it out at

Hope this helps and great work on your site!