Very little sales in one month.

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I’ve had 7 sales in one month of being open which hasn’t brought in much revenue. I’d be greatful for some tips

Hi there. It takes a lot of courage to ask for feedback so nice work! One super important thing to remember, is that it takes time for e-commerce stores to take off. With one month under your belt and 7 sales, it sounds to me like you're on the right path. Patience can be hard, but I do have a few things you can work on to help improve conversion rates.

* I'd remove the carousel slider on your home page. They are proven to be ineffective as most customers only see the first image. You're better off including the content throughout your site.

* Add more products to your home page. I like that you have a free charm bracelet, but what else do you have that would pull me to look at more.

* The text on your free bracelet is huge. I know that's your intention, but make FREE standout and the rest of your product title less so. I don't care that its a bracelet. I care that it's free.

* It looks like there's 2 free bracelets? Tell me why and what's my catch?

* Is The Tactical Pack a product on your home page? If so, add a Buy button or View to see more about the product. It looks like just a photo but I'm not certain.

* Move your section on "Innovative High Street Fashion" farther up the page. It its a great phrase that makes me curious, but buried at the bottom.

* Add details about shipping, return policies, an About page. These can be in the footer but tell me more about how the store operates and what I'm getting into if I buy something from you.

* I randomly picked a product and landed on "6 design vintage multilayer leather bracelet" for which you have 3 different variants in metal color. All I see is a code. I don't understand the difference between these codes and the colors.

* Add more content to your product pages! It's essential to SEO. Not just specs but tell me why this product is so amazing.

This is just a rough look at the site spending 5 minutes to look it over. If there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know.
- Ilana