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I have never been so sad as much as I have been anytime I look at my Shopify dashboard... I felt like I have failed myself by using Shopify... it seems simple but not productive as I thought 

I have sent several email  for help non was replied 
I upgraded from 29$ to 79$ Today all because I want more productivity

Another thing is I can’t  find my website on google ( google optimization) which makes me sad all the time  ... Am in tears as I type this message right now 

I know you guys can help me with my store before I loose my mind and drown into depression 

I need to recover all I have spent 

i run ads to bring traffic from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too but it seems like nothing I do ever word... the Day  I will have an order on the website will my most happiest day this year 

Am a small business own with a lot of people looking up to me in Nigeria here 

please I don’t want to fail  

help me please am begging 

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Hey @Cutegadgetstore I'm really sorry to hear about your Shopify journey so far! I'll try and help you as far as I can. But first things first! You need to drop down your store's link so that we can review it talk about it technically. Till the time you're dropping your store's link, here is my addition - 

1. More productivity comes with more (smart) efforts. Upgrading to a higher plan won't add anything. But its good that you have unlocked a myriad of services!

2. Have an entrepreneurial mindset and never give up! This is an inevitable part. Some realise it soon, some realise it later. And you're not spending on Shopify, you;re investing! You just need to invest in the right places so that when the time is right, everything starts to give returns! 

Before you drop your store's link, do you mind telling me about your SEO strategy? And I'll suggest you to stop using ads for your eCommerce store, rather use ads for your social media pages and drive traffic there! Then just keep a track of how many users from social media come to your site! 

That's all i'd like to say for now .. Do tag me when you drop your store's link here!

Helping store owners in their smooth eCommerce journey! ;)