Visitors and no sales :(

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Hey guys I’ve recently created a store that’s had over 550 visits yet to make a sale. Is there something I’m missing????

Please let me know
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Hi Idealorganics


First of all, you have a great start to your store. I can tell you’ve put in a lot of hard work in putting it together.

Here are some initial things I see:


  1. Automatic identify locations and currencies. While I appreciate the option to manually select my country and currency, this can also be done automatically. 
  2. In your navigation bar, add an “About Us” page to the drop-down options for “About us.” It’s not intuitive to click the parent category to learn more about your company. You may also want to test moving your FAQ and Contact pages to “About Us” as well. 
  3. Link the slider hero images and add a CTA. 
  4. In your footer, I didn’t understand the Ideal Interactive Group. A link here would be appropriate and appreciated from people like me who have no clue what it is. 
  5. On your product pages, go through them with an editing eye. On your Transparent Air Sealed Food Containers product page, it lists size as the color.
  6. Additionally, make sure there’s a way to convert the sizes. Being American, 700 ml wouldn’t relate to me as much as ounces. 
  7. Can you include beeswax wraps in a product collection? Right now it’s just on the homepage. I would imagine someone looking for beeswax wraps would want a way to find them from your main navigation as well.  


Don’t forget to use a secret weapon: visitor behavior. Visitor behavior can help drive other improvements such as:

  • Is your navigation bar too cluttered? 
  • What are your top navigation links? 
  • Should you promote your product collections on your homepage instead of the products?
  • Do you need to promote the beeswax wraps on the homepage? 


Tools like heatmaps (to see where people click) and session recordings (to watch what happened when someone was on your site) would help you answer those questions. You could easily see that people aren’t scrolling very far, which would help you evaluate your homepage. You could easily tell that someone experienced a hurdle in picking their product. 


You can also use it to evaluate your FAQs and adjust it as necessary. If your most-read FAQ is at the bottom, move it to the top! 


Additionally, I would change up your chat. I see that you’re using the messenger chat option, but it 1) takes them away from your website and 2) isn’t designed well. There are two icons showing, which is confusing. And it’s not very engaging. While your contact page is better than nothing, you’re not going to be able to give them an instant response. 


A live chat support would help you stop someone who is confused or having issues by actively asking them to chat while they are on your site. You can set up an auto invite that will trigger a chat invite if they meet certain criteria, such as spent longer than a minute on a product page or your FAQs. 


It’s really about the customer experience. Lucky Orange provides heatmaps, session recordings, chat and more to help you dig into what’s happening to your customer experience. It offers a free trial (no credit card required) and plans start at US $10/month. It can really make a difference for your store and sales.


Idealorganics, I can’t wait to see how your store grows! This is just the beginning, and with a little insight into visitor behavior, you can go far. Be sure to update us on your progress!

Cheers -

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Absolute legend thank you so much for the in-depth review and no sales pitch you my friend are a hero

Gonna fix up the things you suggested and hope it helps thank you ever so much.

Ideal interactive group is the registered company as a whole group. Then each store or business is under that one umbrella hope that makes sense?
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Hey @Idealorganics,


Congrats on getting your store up and running!  


In terms of figuring out why you're traffic isn't converting, we think its most helpful if you take a look at what your visitors are doing once they land on your site.  So you've had 550 visitors - have any viewed a product or a collection?  If they've viewed a product, have they added a product to cart? 


If you think of it like a funnel, you'll be able to identify where you need to spend your time:
Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 9.04.25 PM.png



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Heya thanks for the feedback I’ve had quite a few in cart items and get to the check out page then jumping off the site.
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Do you use a single page or multi page cart?  If multi, are customers making it beyond the first page?  A lot of the time you'll see customers use the cart to "store" things they're thinking about purchasing, so its not uncommon to see cart abandon rates of 40%+.  


If you're driving traffic from ads, your conversion rate might be somewhere between .3-.5% (especially if its a new store), so 500 sessions may only lead to 1-2 sales.  Even established brands strive for conversion rates of ~2%.  


May be worth spending some time looking into product-specific conversion funnels.  Just posted this article about Harry's in another thread, but its relevant to your experience as well.

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Awesome gonna flick through that feed back now. I don’t know the exact numbers but i had around 4/5 visitors make it to the checkout and not purchase these are the ones I’ve seen when I’ve been actively looking. Now downloaded that orange 🍊 tracking app so I can see where I’m losing people.

Again thank you so much
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Hi @Idealorganics 


I think you chose a great niche. Sustainable development is quickly evolving into the life of society and people are trying to use reusable things more. I am a huge supporter of that and there are two things that came to my mind:

-The packaging. If you are offering something that is based on SD, and it is wrapped in a bunch of plastics when shipped, some people may not like that and will not make repetitive purchases. 


-Another thing, which is more a suggestion. There are apps out there that offer your customers donate the change to planting trees. One is called one tree planted, you can try it out. I think it will be highly appreciated by your customers. 


Oh and one more thing, I recommend adding as many options as possible, because the niche is not full of competitors at the moment but will be very soon. So make sure you get the biggest piece of cake (market) before that:) 


Now finally, for adding more functionality I recommend using  Growave.We have 10 great features -Reviews, Wishlist, Rewards, Social Login, Instagram, Discounts etc. There is a free plan available also, we are offering an extended trial on the COVID-19 period. 


 Hopefully, I managed to help you. If so, please let me know by liking this post. 

 Take care and stay healthy <3



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I think in this stage, you need an assistant to help you communicate with visitors who surf the shop and see some products but don't buy from you in their first session.


Whether they have added some products to their cart or left the shop without many interactions, you may like to send a message to them and ask them to come back to buy, sometimes with a coupon code!


BestPush is a smart web push notification tool that sends the shop visitors personalized messages, containing their most interesting products and sometimes the minimum discount possible, to convert them into buyers!


It uses AI and machine learning to analyze the visitors' interactions with your shop to find out who is price sensitive and who is not. 

Check it out here:


I hope you find it helpful!